A BP NEWS ALERT: Parliamentarian uncle arrested in Canada


Quebec, CanadaBahamas Press is tracking the arrest and detainment of a Bahamian who is the uncle of Senator Michael Pintard.

BP agents in Canada report, Sean Pintard, a resident of Grand Bahama Island, has taken into custody by United States authorities in Canada.

We have learned federal agents of the United States nabbed the Bahamian in his 40’s after Interpol had issued a warrant for his arrest.

BP has also learned the daughter of the arrested man have flown to the Province to seek his release, however, we are told that release will come any time soon.

Sean is wanted by the Americans for drugs and human trafficking. Here again you would remember he was named along with Ninety Knowles in several affidavits. Knowles was extradited to the US from the Bahamas and is now serving time for similar matters.

Sean is the owner of a construction company in Freeport.


  1. Wow, why do they want him in U.S? Him, then straw vendors, we bend for us govt with karate kid & barefoot bandit & they show no love for us in return. I hope he fights the attempts, is he back home yet?

  2. Ummmm!!! okay. iWont Call any names but iAm a relativ of Sean and sorry to tell you but This information is ALL WRONG. His daughter is 13 to begin with. Secondly, there was no human trafficking involved. And Micheal Pintard is HIS uncle. He is the nephew of Micheal Pintard and He is in his early 30’s. Hmm. iWonder what else Bahamapress is messing up!

    • I agree Donna. Secondly, this information is completely incorrect, get facts first before publishing this garbage.

  3. Maybe Pintard could go and help his uncle instead. He came to Grand Bahama like a bull in a china shop talking about trying to help his people. I know one thing if this uncle was related to a PLP senator you wouldn’t hear the end of this story from the FNM; the Tribune and all the other FNM surrogates.

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