A BP NEWS ALERT!!!!PM threatened to BLOODY THE FACE of Acting DPP


NEWS ALERT — Grant Bethel confirms Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham threatened to “bloody her face”, destroy her and a retire her in the public interest! Bethel attorneys filed in the courts early today… BP is following this news as the abuse of WOMEN continues by the rank and file of the Free National Movement!


  1. We all knwo that Ms. Bethels supporters are supporters of the Opposition. Why does the Opposition has to O-P-P-O-S-E everything the Government does? Somethings do make a whole lotta C-E-N-T-S.

  2. Mrs.Grant-Bethel needs to take her punishment and leave.You are not a victim of the prime minister as you know very well his reasons for not backing you in your desired post.It is clear what your supporters and Mr. Munroe is trying to do to make you look good.If you could not be trusted in the deputy position,then how could you be trusted in the top post.This is just your time and has nothing to do with the other lady in question.It is a matter of ethics.Simply put,you reap what you sow.

  3. listen we all know this man, the PM has no respect for black people. the other day the barefoot bandit was sent out of the country by him but grenslade didnt man up and say it was him, the pm that ordered it. the same way he, grenslade arrested those children in freeport, detained and interrogate them for five days without counsel or their parents then charged them with manslaughter without any evidence. he is not the night in shining armour like most people believe, but like all opportunist they would sit back and let their fellow citzens get screwed and in some case they are the one greasing their wood to do the ********.

  4. It is time for HAI to be stripped of his authority of master of all that I survey,This man is causing the country to descend into a state of lawlesness.Imagine that the PM of a country is getting involved in so many issues and bringing disrepute on that office.For acting like a thug HAI must resign.Enough is enough and civil disobedience must be the order of the day.I cry shame on HAI,who has no shame and should just go now so that the country can heal its wounds.

  5. Why shouldn’tthe PM threaten a Public Servant? do you threaten people? Are you better than Hubert Ingraham? Rank stupidity, if unchecked, will ruin a good thing….

  6. BP, The PM ought to be ashamed of himself, He should not threaten a Public Servant. But alss, BP, he has no shame he and the FNM are a shameless bunch of men and women.

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