Justice Neville Adderley's Home Ransacked in Lyford Cay and robbed of Jewellery

<<< Justice K. Neville Adderley

Nassau, Bahamas — Justice Neville Adderley is the latest victim of robbery after thieves in Lyford Cay ransacked his home.

BP can report the community has had scores of break-ins in the last several weeks. BP reported our concerns in the area, which have robberies on a massive scale, yet police are tight-lipped on the matter.

The string of robberies have taken an upswing in the capital as more than 40 robberies in the gated community of Lyford Cay alone has been committed since beginning of July.

BP can confirm the super rich and wealth in the tucked away-gated palaces have been hit hard by fleecing thugs. The crimes in the western section of New Providence have also taken a toll on hotel guests in the Cable Beach area. The strings of robberies have force leadership on the force to alert resident and guests to be vigilant of their surroundings.

Questions in May swirling around the community of Lyford Cay following the suspicious death of, Dan Tuckfield, who was found bald naked in a Jacuzzi at the home of Billionaire, Louis Bacon, around 10 a.m. on Sunday May 2. Police failed to report the death in its news briefings.

Within 20 hours Tuckerfield’s body was cremated and shipped out of the country and the investigations closed. ONLY IN THE BAHAMAS an American can be discovered dead and no investigations carried out. BP has long said, it appears you can commit MURDER in the Bahamas and JUSTICE FOR THE VICTIMS will not take its course; and here are the facts. Some 143 persons have been murdered in the Bahamas since 2009, and to this day ONLY ONE MAN has been convicted successfully for murder over that same period. WE IN TROUBLE!

The Bahamas has become the MURDER CAPITAL OF THE WORLD!



  1. What do u expect when you don’t put criminals away judge and have them on bail? And what does this country expect when the ignorants in the fnm have no jobs for the ppl, no plan, and only taxes? Sorry to say but I’m laughing at all the rich stuckies getting robbed!! Ha ha!

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