A BREAKING BP NEWS ALERT <<< Murder in Papa Constituency


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Dundas Town, Abaco

— Bahamas Press is reporting an early morning murder in the Dundas Town, Abaco community. The area is in the constituency of the Prime Minister.

We can tell you two males got into an altercation early this morning resulting in the stabbing death of the victim. The incident is the first murder for the community in years and proves that there is a highten level of violence  that has gripped the country, while the FNM government and its PINHEAD National Security Minister stand paralyze to arrest the situation.

The victim is the 225th murder victim since 2009.

This week gunmen opened fire on two women while walking in the Bacardi Road area leaving a women’s bullet riddled body laying in the road as her two year-old toddler looked on in shock.

We are amazed to see how quiet the CRISIS CENTRE has been on the slaughter and violent beatings of women all over the country! THEY HAVE NO DAMN SHAME!!!

May she rest in peace.


  1. @ Smitty….SO TRUE but what about the CRIMINALS that have ALL Bahamian PARENTS. PEOPLE NEED to start calling the POLICE for THEIR CRIMINAL CHILDREN, FRIENDS AND OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS that is the only way to SAVE THE BAHAMAS.

  2. Fire arms are usually the weapon of choice, it just seems so ought to hear somebody die from a stab wound, because you dont hardly hear that these days.

  3. For your information, each and every single murder committed in Dundas Town, Abaco was an act performed by a Bahamian! Stop blaming foreigners for crimes like Bahamians themselves are not responsible for their own affairs. In fact BAHAMIANS commit most more criminal offences in their own country than anyone else. Facts are the FACTS!!

  4. that’ not the first murder in years bp.There was the home invasion of the haitian man that won a number,there was the mother that was murdered by her son,a guy was stabbed to death in murphy town…..dnt forget

  5. With its majority in parliament I suggest that imediate steps be taken to correct some issues in the judicial system.
    NO BAIL for murder even if you sit there for five years awaiting your trial. NO BAIL. But, lets have murder trials start. Change the rules that allow lawyers to manipulate things and drag things out. How a three time murder accused can be on bail? Then witnesses disappear. Case gets so stale witnesses can’t be bothered to show up. The POLICE are doing their job but the judicial system drops the ball. But, then, do they even want to pick it up or hold on to it. No bail for murder accussed. Severe penalty for gun posession. Parliament can do it. The FNM has a majority. If the BTC sale can get through…why not judicial reform. NOW. We need to start fixing the mess. But, then the MPs are mostly lawyers…vested interest ibn cases being delayed…more money in their accounts…we need people with backbone to stop all this f–k.

    • Mr Rolle, people get bail because there is a presumption of innocence. In reality, sometimes police witnesses can’t be bothered to show up for court. A judge issued an arrest warrant for an officer two weeks ago who failed to appear in a murder trial. Police are not doing their jobs properly. If the investigations improved, the chance of convictions would as well. That’s why the criminals behave with impunity because they know it is unlikely they will be punished.

      • so true, so true but what is so bad is in many instances they have no case but still the AG allows the charge to go forth. so the delay is not always the defence, it is sometimes the prosecution trying to build a case while the accused lingers in jail. the police are quick to arrest but whether they have a case against the accuse is another story and mind you they might have the right person but if you can’t prove it continue your investigation until then.

        • A way to get rid of some of these criminals is deportation. Persons born to foreign parents who are habitual offenders and who have not yet acquired citizenship can be deport. Trust me this would be a serious deterrent to those falling in this category. Simple deport their u know what to wherever their mother/parents are from, its covered by law. Then put them on the stop list let them see what it is to live hard.

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