A CALL FOR PRAYER: Bishop Hanchell diagnosed with stomach cancer

A CALL FOR PRAYER: Bishop Hanchell diagnosed with stomach cancer
Bishop Walter Hanchell.

NASSAU| Renowned religious leader Bishop Walter Hanchell, president of Great Commission Ministries and chairman of Citizens for Justice, has been fighting cancer following a diagnosis in early March.

In Parliament on Wednesday, Englerston MP Glenys Hanna-Martin called on the nation to pray for Hanchell.

“I’m inviting the nation to pray for this man, Bishop Walter Hanchell, because Bishop Hanchell rented one little place on Wulff Road with the most broke down people you could ever see in your life and he put out a hand, a humane extension of love and relief to people in this country,” she said.

“He actually set the tone. He set the tone.

“I spoke to him yesterday and told him he is the real deal. He is the real deal.

“And so, I want the nation to pray for this man and his family so that his strength is built and he is able to continue to be amongst us and contribute to the well-being of us as a people.

“And I thank him for the service and the outreach he and his wife have given to the least amongst us, whom many of us would pass on the road and don’t see…”

Hanchell, who had been battling a “lingering illness” for several months, flew to the United States to receive medical attention on March 5.

He was diagnosed with stomach cancer.

According to his son, Dr Tejado Hanchell, doctors discovered the cancer in the early stages.

“Thankfully, we caught it in time where it could be treated,” he said.

“He started chemotherapy a few weeks ago and we’ve been fighting ever since.

“When he lost his hair, I shaved mine in solidarity.

“We’re going to beat this thing together.

“I am so grateful for the prayers of the righteous, especially my mother, Elder Minalee Hanchell.

“Our faith is strong.

“We will make it through this.”