A Catholic nun was raped in Eleuthera early this morning



Rock Sound, Eleuthera – A Catholic nun, stationed on the island Eleuthera, has become the country’s latest victim of a brutal gang rape.

Bahamas Press is now on the ground in Eleuthera and has traveled to the quaint community of Rock Sound where investigations to the horrific incident have opened, and here’s what we know.

Sometime around 2am early this morning, man entered the home of the senior churchwoman. We are told investigations revealed, the barbarians then proceeded to assault the nun as they advanced to rape the woman.

Bahamas Press will not release the identity of the victim; whom we are told, is traumatized by the ordeal and has requested the respect by officials to remain anonymous.

We can tell you the victim has since traveled to the capital to undergo tests.

The nun was stationed at St. Anne’s Catholic Church in the Rock Sound community, and has carried out mission work on the island for several years.

We wonder if this latest incident will be solved as the community has a record of killing/attacking old churchwomen.

Bishop Simeon B. Hall

Readers would remember it was back in April of 2007, when in the same Rock Sound community, witnessed the horrific news where someone ransacked the home, assaulted and brutally murdered a 66-year-old woman, Sylvia Cates. You would remember she became the country’s 59th murdered victim at the time. Cates’ incident also appeared to have been targeted, and no one has been convicted for her death.

When, Rev. Dr. Simeon B. Hall, head of then Crime Commission in The Bahamas, raised the issue of too much murder in the country, he as well began receiving death threats. The Bishop went on record in 2008 demanding the authorities to solve a pair of high-profile murders in the country, asking them to stop withholding information.

Perhaps the killers in that Rock Sound settlement are on the attack again.

The Bahamas has the highest per capita for rape incidents in the world.


  1. When we compare ourselves to others, we can always elevate ourselves because there is always someone doing something more despicable than us. its like when the FNMs claim the PLP did the same thing. How does that excuse your behaviour,I ask! If we seek a higher standard than those around us, if we seek God’s standard, then we would realize our abysmal sorry condition, repent and try to do better.
    Doesn’t anyone ever admit their mistakes anymore? No, they all cover themselves with ‘well Johnny did it, so why shouldn’t I’. It really does not make you less of a person to admit your mistakes, people actually respect you more for it. SO BP dont compare yourself to any newspaper out there, raise your standard higher!

  2. Barbara the National News ZNS reported more detail than we at BP did. Where is your rebuke of them? The punch published even more detail than BP and ZNS, where is your rebuke for them?

    Or is it fact BP is the only media now a days which allows public venting and true freedom of speech?



  3. If it was UR MOTHER, OR SISTER OR WIFE????… you would think BP!!!! you r losing credibility and dignity!!! I cry shame!!!!! You r obviously getting off on this kind of thing!!!

    • BP lost credibility a long time ago. Not only do they embellish every story, but the numerous grammatical and spelling errors leave a lot to be desired.

      • Please keep reading. And please turn to the Nassau Guardian and read where the Pope’s representative, a prince of the Vatican, confirmed the story in that paper this morning. GO NOW AND ATTACK HIM!



  4. BP,

    I support you on this one. we cover too many things up in this country, and technically, you did not identify the victim. Only people with intimate knowledge of Rock Sound would know who the Nun is based on this story. I wish that you would shed some light on the Hal Taylor and McDonald murders, or you scared of death threats like Christie?

    • But Thomas what surprises us is this. The Torch could print it and ZNS could broadcast it, but BP is irresponsible? You see why you cannot listen to people but just do ya job?


    • On the Harl Taylor thing you definitely have not read BP. We were the only organization who called for an investigation into a police officer who was the first at the crime scene. We also know that same officer was placed on leave and sent out of the country. BP told you guys long ago, the boy charged with the crime was all a fluke. But yinner don’t listen and ya definitely don’t read, yet Thomas you want us to tell our story again? PLEASE!

      Oh the new coward in town is Hubert Ingraham…ALL BARK NO BITE!


  5. What baffles us every time we report something shocking and riveting is this; People say OHHHHHH it is irresponsible when BP reports it and it is Irresponsible when we say it, but it is OK for the Torch and ZNS to report it? We don’t get it.



  6. BP HAVE YOU GUYS NOTICED THAT YOUR ALEXA RANKING IS GOING BACK UP BY THE DAYS (which means less people visit per day) Ha!

    With theses types of reporting we wont have to worry about this type of irresponsible journalism much longer 🙂 courts and/orpeople WILL DECIDE

    • As Sir lynden would say, “Proceed my brother!” At least when our number go down, we still have you with ya “DISGUSTED” self!


    • Yeah we should have, but then if we did that we would be another ZNS eh? And BP is no ZNS!


  7. But “Bahamas Press is now on the ground in Eleuthera and has traveled to the quaint community of Rock Sound where investigations to the horrific incident have opened” … surely you must know. You are, after all, a responsible news provider, are you not?

    • VERY responsible indeed! But have you considered this question: Who could it be in Rock Sound continuously raping and murdering old women? Can you answer that Mr. I?


      • So now you’re claiming there’s a serial rapist and murderer on the loose in Rock Sound?

        You must have proof to make such a statement.

        • Did you read the initial story above Mr I? Or you just saw Nun gets raped and start commenting. Have you ever explored the other incident of the British Teacher who died in the same community prior to Ms. Cates?

          Where some of you people live?


  8. You don’t have to reveal her name after you have already revealed where she works and the island she live on. Wow. Are people just wanting to be the first to get the scoop out without concern for the victim? this is worst than the poster on another site who put up a picture of the woman.


    • Thank you for the comment Larry. Keep reading! We report yinner decide. Take it or leave it wait for the Torch tomorrow.


  10. “Bahamas Press will not release the identity of the victim…”

    If you knew your law, you would know that you’re prohibited from naming the victim under the Sexual Offences Amendment Act. By revealing her occupation, you’ve already narrowed down the number of potential victims … how many nuns work at Rock Sound?

  11. Why did you decide to identify this poor woman in this way? When cases like this are tried the victims name is not disclosed so as to protect them from any further pain and embarassment…victims like this are supposed to be protected in the courts and in the media. With the information you have given you may as well have given her name. And for what? A bit of sensationalism.

  12. Ok if they catch these sick bastards they seend to not only castrate them they need to cut their d*** off and make them remember for the rest of their life why they dont have one.

  13. This is quite a sensitive issue! The nun is a victim here! Should any identities or names have been called!
    Get with it! Yes this is the age of technology but we still have to respectful on such matters!

  14. I really like that you guys get news out there fast, i wish you’d take it seriously and not exaggerate. The written word is a powerful thing and just because you can write it doesn’t give you the right to abuse it. Sure crime is getting bad here… all the good people of this country has concerns. “Doing for more” from the media does not help. Before you guys post to the WORLD WIDE WEB maybe you ought to pause and consider. You already have the readers, time to be truthful and objective.


  15. BP this is horrible. Why would you id a rape victim like this? There are not many Catholic nuns in the Bahamas as a whole much less Eluthera , much less at St Anne’s. What you are doing in this articule is making this woman a victim all over again. The reponsible thing to do would be to just say that there was a Rape in Rock Sound and report what the police are doing about it. This article is morraly irreperehensabe. It is against the law for media in this country to id rape victims unless the victims themselves give up their right to anonymity. But I guess you would know that if you were actually a ligitimate outlet for news.

    • Obviously you are a Catholic Lamby who in usual fashion loves to hide the truth. There is far too much cover up going on in this country.


      • BP You people are the scum of the earth for this one. I hope this lady executes her right to sue you despicable characters. Before freedom of press comes HUMAN RIGHTS which you violated in so many levels. FILTH SMT

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