Women struck dead near coal pit in the Southwest…Earl deal with rape of trees!


coal-pit52<<< Stacks of chopped pine trees walled around a coal pit. Bahamas Press has uncovered this ‘VICKED’ CRIME, where illegal residents on New Providence slave to produce coal by cutting down tracks of pine trees in the southwest. Where is the cry by those who protect our environment?

Nassau, Bahamas —  Last year April Bahamas Press carried this story highlighting Haitian cutters off Carmichael Road west as being guilty culprits of cutting down trees and using the wood to burn coal. No one listened to our exclusive.

Today police are investigating a “Freak Accident” they called it, where as woman was pronounced dead in a pine yard near the Dignity Gardens subdivision. It is in that vicinity Haitian cutters have chopped down more than 550 Pine trees. The cutters have no regard for the law and to this day, even after the incident over the weekend, they’re still clearing down acres of pine trees.

Bahamas Press predicts the time will come when there will be no more pine trees left in the Southwest where much of the forest as we now know it will be gone; chopped down by illegals. We will become just as Haiti now is without trees despite the fact we have an entire ministry committed to protecting the environment. We wonder where Sam Duncombe is now.

The woman in the freak incident was struck by the falling tree. The cutter had a chain saw and up to this hour is said to not be in police custody. The woman was pronounced dead on the scene.


Here is the story we posted in April:

Whilst everyone was celebrating Earth Day and planting trees in the Bahamas last week, illegal residents were burning down trees and producing coal in the southwest just off Carmichael Road. Bahamas Press has latched onto the issue and is calling on the government to take full control of our environment and prosecute these tree cutters/coal producers.

The forest areas in the southwestern section of New Providence are thinning, as illegal squatters are daily chopping down pine trees to produce coal for export. Is this not a crime? Why are Bahamians so blind to the environment? Why would we wait until New Providence is left with 2% trees and face the wrath of hurricane winds before we put a stop to this?

What since does it make for the people of this country to be planting trees, whilst squatters are chopping them down and burning down large track of pine forests trees to produce coal? Bahamas Press visited this a coal production site just off Carmichael Road (WEST). And look at the wood being chopped down and burned to produce coal for export. Someone must be jailed for this CRIME of RAPE against the environment.


  1. She caused herself to die. She was out there teefin trees and aiding in a criminal act. Sorry but ine feel bad for her.

  2. OMG its both terrible this woman was killed by a falling tree and the fact that the trees are beng cut down.There should be plain clothed police in that area to catch these guys..verysad for our environment not to mentioned they cause a woman to die. 

  3. Yes future leader its time we stand together march and reclaim whats ours. Both governments had ample time to solve this problem by sending back all illegals which is our law. But their solution to the problem is build more schools and hospitals to accomodate them. They are all crazy.

  4. Earl deveaux and others know what’s going on in the back there.
    But until we DEMAND accountability by these ministers on these issues they will continue to
    Dick and dodge. We can’t and quite frankly I don’t think we couldve ever counted on the govt for
    The progress of this dying nation. The same way we the ppl will all unite to vote tomorrow
    We the ppl need to unite and demand the govt to have referandums ON EVERY gad damn piece of legislation.
    NOTHING is to be approved unless we have a referandum on it because we obviously
    CAN NOT “TRUST” the ‘guvmint’.

  5. Wowww I thought I was alone with these feelings I have. For over 5 years now I’ve been arguing these same points.
    And this is just the tip of the iceburg. For to long now bahamians have taken the backseat.
    Turned the blind eye, sat back and watch, afraid to speak out for fear of being victimized.
    This situation with the trees doesn’t just stop with the haitians. I work in lyford cay so.
    I make that long drive daily and see how the land is being raped not only by haitians but by foreign investors.
    I heard that oogly son of a u no what barking in tv during his address to the nation and he talked about these same projects.
    Projects where hundreds of acres of forests are being cut down. Sure there will be a few construction jobs.
    But at what expense? Because I don’t think we profit anything from tearing down our forestry in exchange for a couple temporary
    Construction jobs.
    God don’t sleep bahamas this is why that log fell on that lady’s head. Call me cruel but I saw that as JUSTICE!
    We’ve had a problem for many many years regarding the haitians. We have sat back and watched it escalate.
    Along with other issues and I’ve been repeatedly been saying that until we as bahamians unite
    March down to the house of assembly and baracade those cocksuckers in there AND DEMAND CHANGE AND AMMENDMENTS made to our
    Laws we will forever sit back and allow this country to further DEGRESS because stevie wonder can see that we are not PROGRESSING!

  6. Well BP, you were correct. Can you imagine the amount of trees lost from last year. Haitians are raping this country, left, right, and center.

    The Bahamas cannot sustain these immigrants as in the past.  We have ran out of school space, the inner cities has a preponderance of illegals, that we will never be able to count.

    The clinics are overcrowded, the graveyards are filled to capacity. We are on the verge of social chaos.  We are producing “D” average students, who are mainly poor, uneducated, and we are allowing to stay poor, uneducated, illegals.

    Where will these Bahamian students find jobs, they are only qualified to do, what Haitians are already doing. Haitians on the other hand, only hire Haitians. Bahamians are being left out!

  7. @jelly

    He aint hearing you jelly!! …like I said too busy profiling and using folks to get where he wants to be like the typical politician.

  8. @Altec
    The last person we knew in public who addressed this was the Director of Public Works Melanie Roach. She outline that there was a contractual work that was to be issued. Buts since then we’ve learned that Ms Roach is no longer in the ministry. Now this is serious as we also see the country declining in disorder because of it. It is SAD!


  9. BP can you please look into the RED LIGHT situation in Nassau? It is just embarrassing that a major metropolitan area in the Caribbean has probably less than 10 functioning red lights. Who is responsible for the maintenance of the lights at the MOW? Just about every red light at every main intercession in NP is either off or malfunctioning.

    WTF is going on in this country? We cant even keep the red lights operating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My head is about to explode when i see how NP is deteriorating so quickly. Only God knows what tourists are truly saying when they leave this broken down piece of sh** called NP.

  10. And I hope Altec I sincerely hope this does not become another incident where the minister says he did not know after acres are destroyed.


  11. Altec we have been reported this for more than 3 weeks now. However, this is the first time we have published ONE of MANY coal production pits in this Southwestern area. And don’t tell us police/firefighter are not aware of it, because the day when Carmichael Road was burning down, the fire fighters were having a weighlifting event at the Sports Centre and the Defense Force members were having a sailing event at Montagu.

    Well this is easy to find, police should ride out on Carmichael Road. Pass Gladstone Road and continue heading west. There is the first curve [Where the Burger Barn Restaurant is]. Then there is a second bend on that same road, which has a long stretch heading for Bacardi Road. But before they straighten out on that road there is a track road on the right side. If they follow that track road 100 yards NORTH. They well come across the coal pit as we did. Not far from the pit is a new government subdivision.

    You think they will go Dibbles? They did not go when the trees were on fire, you think they going now that they are being cut down and produced into coal? PLEASE!!!!!


    Bahamas Press/Editor

  12. BP i saw a documentary on a Florida channel last year after the hurricane season about Haiti. There are parts of Haiti that is just barren land because the locals have stripped the land of all the wood.
    BP this story gat me so bug right now i was sucking my teeth straight through while i was reading this post.

    I went down Tonique Williams Darling highway today and saw how a trucking company has literally cut down that hill that is behind Robin hood and now they have moved on to the hills near by. Isnt anyone noticing how all of the hills in Nassau are disappearing and being used for fill? and the sad part is most of the fill removal and land clearing going on in this island is illegal.

    A family member of mine has some property on Prince Charles that he started to develop. About 2yrs ago he got a call that a tractor and a big truck is clearing down he lot. When he got there and approached the men they told him that they were sent there by someone whom they assumed own the land. The police was called but the fellas in the truck and tractor left before the police arrived with a truck full of fill.

    Where is the department of Lands and surveys? Where is the BEST Commission? they do have inspectors being paid to inspect! We have illegals cutting down trees in pine forests and we have Bahamians illegally clearing down lots and hills and nothing is being done.

    This story just destroyed my day :{ We are on the verge of loosing our own country.

  13. The Minister of Environment should be on top of this. The ILLEGAL Haitians have a lucrative coal selling business in the Carmichael Road area. The trees are being torn down to supply their needs.

    Instead of the Minister of Environment posing up in the newspapers on almost a daily basis and high hatting people who put him in office , he should be having his watch dogs take care of this.

    Oh I cant wait for next elections…..

  14. BP what you need to do is to take the Police Officer and a Officer persons from the Fire Department at Carmichael Road Police/Fire Sttion to where the Coal field,so someone can be arrsted.

  15. @Trinity
    You might have a point there Trinity about the coals being sent to Haiti, remember we have posted that here before. What I am saying however is. What is the difference when a Haitian takes the domestic jobs at the lower economic scale, and the Canadian takes the position in RBC at the higher end? Or the British at Atlantis, whilst the Bahamians is pushed out? John Marquis is a perfect example of that.

    Our point here is to simply argue, why is the land being allowed to be raped, burned, plundered, when the laws against cutting down forest areas in the country are clear! This is why we import Christmas trees. This cannot and should not be allowed to continue. The matter of what Haitians are doing can be seen similarly by scores of other nationals who are here doing the same.

    We wonder sometimes why Haitians are hotly rounded up and some of these construction sites (INCLUDING GOVERNMENT SITES) have tons of other nationals on them, ILLEGAL! That too cannot be right! So we aren’t hearing that Trinity. Hundreds of Chinese have been allowed to buy up land all over Nassau to aid their human and drug smuggling operations to New York. In fact it is an operation of SLAVE TRAFFICKING.

    But again this is not the intent of this post to begin chatting on immigration matters, that’s another post. This is an environmental issue posted here.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  16. The difference between the Haitians and the others you listed are the means of living and the way the treat our country Media. It is not the same even though you would like to pretend that it is. Our problem with illegal immigrants is mostly a Haitian problem, let’s just be real. But yes, the trees are an environmental issue. SO tell me media, these trees that are being “raped” for whatever means, where are the ‘goods’ being sent?

  17. We really want this to be seen as an Enviromental issue. Haitian residents have rights to be in The Bahamas just as the Canadian, American and British residents. However what is unacceptable is the fact that someone/group of persons, who are know to us as being illegal are slashing trees and producing coal on government land. That is what we find disturbing in this post.

    Bahamas press/Editor

  18. Ronica, “haitainization” as you put it is happening now. Take a drive along any known Haitian village and observe their practices. It has spread throughout our country. Have you ever noticed the Haitians the streets of Nassau on parade on their Independence Day. We are being slowly outnumbered. Have you noticed the violence amongst Haitian nationals? Have you noticed the voodoo practices? Have you ever heard of Zo Pound? Their sense of entitlement once they come to the Bahamas is what worries me most because they feel as though we are supposed to take care of them? We have opened the pandora’s box on this one. I blame HAI because this has come to head under his watch. I blame him also because I was told outright that Haitians were told to vote FNM so they could get passports and earn status. I have first hand accounts of this. What do we do when we are being sold out?

  19. You are right. I noticed that about two summers ago. The statistics were that 3 out of every 4 births were to Haitians? What does that mean?

  20. While i believe that some haitians who have migrated here, and their offspring, do have rights to be here. I believe that we need to start sending back illegal haitian women who show up to the clinics pregnant.

    I am made to understand by a doctor at the hospital that 70% of babies born on any given day at the hospital is of haitian descent. If this continues, abated as it has in the past, we will continue to have a burgeoning, immigrant problem. Overcrowded schools, a weakining salary structure, the haitianization of not only over the hill, but the general landscape of the bahamas.

    But hatians do have a stake in the country, whether we like it or not.

  21. First off, I just want to say that this is very unsettling. Everyday our nation is being eroded by the actions of illegals who slash and burn our land at whim. But the fact that the “goods” are sent outside of our country also bothers me. You know, this is ours! It’s all we have. We have Bahamians that can’t even purchase their own land, yet these people come in and build their shanty villages whereever they please. This has always bothered me to my very core. Our nation is filled with illegals and it seems that it keeps getting worse. I BEG the MPs and powers that be to STOP this overcrowding and do it now. Our trees, our land, our benefits, we are being slowly stomped out. Can’t you see it? I hate to see people living under terrible circumstances, but the Bahamas has its own problems and illegal immigration tops them all for me. It will never get better because we keep allowing them to gain status. They come here because they have something to look forward to. I SAY NO MORE!!! STOP GIVING OUT WORK PERMITS LIKE HOT CAKES!!! STOP ALLOWING THEIR CHILDREN TO BE CALLED BAHAMIANS ONCE THEY ARE BORN HERE!!! STOP GIVING THEM BENEFITS THAT BAHAMIANS ARE AFFORDED. ONCE THERE IS NOTHING TO GAIN BY COMING HERE WE WILL FINALLY BE RID OF THEM!!! I am a proud Bahamian and little by little I have watched by the sidelines as my own property was ‘taken over’. I have watched the culture that has evolved amongst illegals and their sense of entitlement once they find their way to our shores. I have watched them get rowdier and more outspoken as Bahamians take a back door to accomodate these ‘poor people’. I am by no means against amnesty. But I say, let them build up their own land, instead of coming here and tearing down ours. This is our country, our Bahamaland. It’s time to take it back!!!

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