A crew member of the vessel shows up in Exuma with COVID19 related illnesses – Meanwhile, Palmetto Clinic shuts down for the past two days!

Live photos of that air ambulance transport from Exuma this morning.

EXUMA| Bahamas Press is reporting a potential COVID19 related incident, which unfolded in waters near Exuma.

We are learning the vessel registered in Panama sought permission to dock on the island as a crew member had displayed symptoms of COVID19.

The vessel was granted permission to dock and preparations to transport the 33-year-old man to New Providence that occurred this morning, however, no official word has come on these developments. Is Exuma reporting its first COVID19 case? We may never know!

Meanwhile, only Bahamas Press will tell you the Government Clinic in Palmetto Point, Eleuthera has been closed for the past two days and residents are puzzled as to why.

Many believe that perhaps someone, who visited there recently, may have had COVID19 related symptoms, and therefore, the silence and caution to reopen the facility. Who knows. Maybe we will never know from people who refuse to tell us where is Marvin Pratt or how many bodies were allegedly burnt on Abaco following Hurricane Dorian.

We at BP await some official word on the reason for the closure from the COMPETENT AUTHORITY!

We report yinner decide!