Entertainer Sammi Starr held at gunpoint and robbed in front of his home last evening…with his four kids looking on…

Sammi Starr held at gunpoint Thursday evening in front of his St. Albans Drive home.

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is learning former DNA candidate and entertainer was held at gunpoint outside his home by a group of bad young criminal actors last evening.

Sammi Starr took to facebook to share his experience reporting, “…tonight I was made to get out of my wife’s car, lay on the ground face down and robbed at gunpoint; an experience I thought I’d never had to go through. What is worse, where did this take place, in front of my home with my children at some points looking outside saying ‘Daddy…’ not realizing what was happening.

“Two young men, no older than 17 politely walked up to me, cocked their pistol in my face, pulled me out of the car, made me lay down face first onto the street in my quiet, one-way street neighborhood and proceeded to rob me.”

The incident comes just hours following statements by National Security Minister Marvin Dames who reported to Parliament that crime is down by 3%.

Meanwhile, BP believes the reporting of crime is down by 100%.

BP advises all residents around the country to remain vigilant, get home early, adhere to social distance and stay safe.

We report yinner decide!