A defeated PM at the FNM press conference


Ingraham sad

A defeated PM at the FNM press conference yesterday. Bahamas Press can confirm Ryan Pinder will be declared winner of the Feb. 16th poll.


  1. What next from our PM?  He is attempting to intimidate Ryan Pinder and the PLP, Elizabeth voters and the Courts……….Should a leader of our country be acting in this way?

  2. Altec, now your doing your excellent investigative work, you have answered your own question, that is how an intelligent Bahamian mind is suppose to put things together, instead of trying to throw insults for someones deductions, being that HAI is the head of government, it goes without saying that he knew what was right and what was wrong with the register, and he is the one to be held accountable, great work Altec.

  3. I have asked this rhetorical question before and would like for any of the journalist who cover the PM to ask him if Earl Bethel informed him of any suspect issues surrounding the register BEFORE a decision was made on the date of the bye election or anytime before the day of the election?

    Secondly, i would like for any Bahamian journalist to approach Mr Bethel and ask him if he had informed the PM of any issues regarding the accuracy of  the register BEFORE a date for the bye election was set or anytime before the election date. 

    These questions are critical because of the new talking points and perceptions that the Mr Ingraham is trying to create right before our eyes.Look at the papers this morning. Mr Ingraham is quoted as saying many votes in Lizzy were illegal. He is blantly trying to act as if his hands are clean in this matter regarding the register when his hands are dirty.

    How can he fix his mouth to utter those words when he was in all likelihood made aware of the flaws in the register BEFORE he set a date or sometime after ?

    I honestly believe that Mr Ingraham was indeed made aware of the deficiencies in the register but went ahead full steam because he thought the bye election was going to be won convincingly by Mr Sands thus making any issues about the validity of the register moot. Now we are going to an election court all because of one man’s bullishness.

    This bye election has been a debacle from the beginning and its sad that the courts have to be brought in to settle another election in 3 years.  Had proper care been taken to produce a scrutinized register, we would have had a declared winner on Tuesday night!

    Because everything was rushed, nothing is settle and Mr Ingraham is now going around acting like he had nothing to do with this mess. Shame on you Mr Ingraham, shame on you.

    • He was simply giving them good advice.  In the process of scrutinizing the protest ballots, the voters in question will have to appear in court.  If they tell the truth, which they are required to do, then there is nothing to fear.  But if they lie to save their beloved PLP, then they would have hell to pay.  This is not intimidation, this is the way the administration of justice works: Courts could only render fair judgements when witnesses tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

  4. I agree with you Altec, but I think what HAI, had another agenda, and it did not come to fruition, you know he is desperate, when you hear him threatening citizens, once again I say the PC seems to be the classy individual in this instance.

  5. It sounds as if NCL smith is an agent provocateur holding brief for the F.N.M so answer this why is Hew butt talkin bout election court and how he is certain of sucess when he said FNM abide by the peoples vote..And if he was aware of voteing irregularity surely he was/is under a duty to report the same? crying foul after the horse has bolted trying to lock the stable door so answer that …no insults just facts

  6. You are so correct Altec as PAPA has now engaged bahamasyouth to come to this site as nc l smith rather than the former since that personality has been ravaged.I always tell persons to think the opposite when PAPA takks as he utters words b4 processing.PAPA looks so dejected in the photo knowing that the new bag he has just wont cut it.f 

  7. BP i am thinking that maybe a election court battle is not a bad thing from HAI perspective. He has been engaged in a pattern of  “MISDIRECTION” for the last 12 months. He gets the public to look one way so their attention wont be on the real issues!

    An election court will have the country”s attention from now until the case is decided. Look at all the newspapers today. the front pages were all about stories that pertained to the bye election or election court and not the bad economy, lack of jobs, the murder rate, teacher sex scandals, immigration problems, etc.

    I dont think PAPA is against a court battle. Secretly this maybe what he wants, because not only does it shifts the focus of the country from his lousy record for a few weeks, but it also buys him more time. Time for what, only God knows.

    I bet you this court case wont begin held for at least another 4 weeks and last maybe 2 weeks. So by the end of March early April this thing may finally get decided. PAPA wants this case to be on the front burner of the peoples minds. The winner is of no consequence to him because the bye election has produced exactly what he wanted, ANOTHER MISDIRECTION!

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