A fight over rent and not an accident caused the death of Rapper Mdeez Knight on Friday…

Homicide victim #44 Mdeez Knight

BP UPDATE | Apparently, what really happened here was that Mdeez Knight arrived to a carwash in the area of Fox Hill to demand rent from a guy who worked on the leased property.

A fight ensued…he was stabbed in a main vein in that fight. He, in all this heat, attempted to rush himself to the hospital following that knife attack and, while driving, blacked out and died.

The stabbing was the result of his death. Now, BP was not on location to know who started the fight. We do know, though, that Knight didn’t stab himself, and he did die following the incident.

Police have taken into custody a male suspect for this latest homicide, #44.

We report yinner decide and believe what ya want to believe.


  1. Stabbing was result of his death? Recheck your gramma there. Also, it is vein, not vain as you said. It should read instead, he was stabbed in a main vein. Again, this article needs editing.

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