A former Atlantis employee is homicide victim #46 this morning…


killer and Charlie’s female friend must be questioned in this homicide!

Charlie Demeritte murdered in the middle of the night! Killers call it self defence – but the murderer cannot explain how he violated curfew and went to the home where Charlie was around 12 midnight?

NASSAU| A former employee at Atlantis has become the country’s 46th homicide victim.

BP reported earlier today how around midnight – during the hours of curfew – a killer approached the home of occupants and stabbed a male inside to death. 

We have identified that the victim is, Charlie Demeritte, who had gone into his own business. He, we understand is related to the economy jitney operators and is described by friends as a non-violent individual. 

“Charlie was never an aggressive person in fact after all the years I have known him I have never ever heard him uttered a curse word. He was not a violent man and how could someone be moving about during curfew hours and partake in a murder like this is beyond me. This incident must be investigated and that woman he was with must be equally investigated with by police,” a close friend told BP.

Police say they have the man who was wandering the streets during curfew hours before killing Charlie and confessing to the incident. He is assisting police with the investigation.

We report yinner decide!