NO Task Force Food for Andros for a second week as 500 registered families starve!

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Andros| BP is reporting serious neglect by the National Food Task Force for the people of Andros.

We are learning North Andros residents in particular have not received any food at its banks for a second week.

Residents contacted BP this morning warning that a travesty is unfolding on that island where the Task Force has failed to send groceries for a second week to needy residents in the Big Yard.

“Some 500 residents, BP, have waited for food for the past two weeks now and this week is no different! NOTHING!” a concerned resident told us.

Meanwhile, another local on Andros told us, after contributing to NIB for years, they have yet to get any assistance from the Board and, “I am very afraid for the future of the National Insurance Board in our community.”

BP understands two Civil Servants have been hauled before the courts in the community for stealing by reason of service and fraud!

We are learning a senior manager at NIB has been terminated by the Board for defrauding NIB of hundreds of thousands of dollars in contributions that were never turned over to the Board. And now residents are being denied assistance? Well what is dis?

BP is calling for these matters to be addressed and on the Bahamas Government to quickly bring relief to the needy residents in that part of the country.

We report yinner decide!