A Former Police Officer [just fired from the force] will be charged at 2pm today for rape of a guest he suspected to have drugs!


Police officer fired from the force after rape allegations…

Nassau – Well, yinner read it here first and now that police officer will be charged today for rape. Nothing about this report was officially broadcast by the RBPF. But, after BP’s dangerous updates coming close to calling the officer’s name, an official announcement is now being made.

Commissioner of Police Ferguson – following in the footsteps of former decent COP Greenslade – sacked the officer this morning and now that officer will face court charges.

All we can now tell you is that that officer – who will leave the institution with a tarnished record – will be formally charged before magistrate court today at 2pm on a charge of rape.

The officer had arrested the female victim after suspecting that she was in possession of drugs. But rather than following the procedures of the institution, it is alleged that he started feeling up da victim, and, before ya know it, she was getting raped. MY GOODNESS!

The gal reported the matter to the United States Embassy who then referred it to the authorities. We will end our report this way: more lighting is needed at Arawak Cay and specifically at the police station in the area.

We report yinner decide!