A group of 'Limp-Wristed' Writers attacking REAL MEN in the Country!



Nassau, Bahamas — There’s a band of old subjective political writers in the country who appear to like ‘LIL’ BOYS! One we know is afraid of the word MURDER and we wonder why. Oswald Brown, Larry Smith and Arthur Foulkes are just some of them we wish to mention at this time. The other pink lip puppy sucking younger bunch of male reporters who are deep in the employs of the WUTLESS MEDIA in this town we will avoid naming for now.

But they all seem to have this brazen audacity to take on REAL MEN. One of the men [REAL MEN] of this town they’ve decided to attack relentlessly in their columns is Steve McKinney, the popular talk show host of Hard Copy, which airs every 5PM on Gems 105.9FM. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO MONDAY’s HARD COPY SHOW.

Finally someone had the BALLS to call deal with these ‘manny man’ who love to wear dress and put on makeup late in the night. Recently this bunch of clandestine gay men lovers sought to attack the family of McKinney through one of their young milk taking machines. That milk machine we now know was removed from a public school for his QUESTIONABLE BEHAVIOUR WITH A MALE STUDENT! That  milk taking writer attempted to desecrate the McKinney family’s deceased daughter on his TOILET PAPER column.

These ‘TWISTED LIMP-WRISTED’ mannys have no respect for the dead, none for WOMEN and hold no thought for what is right, decent and good. THEY HAVE NO SHAME! And BP will not accept this. Therefore in an attempt to broaden the scope of what we believe, BP will publish from time to time the audio of the HARD COPY show to our now 4 million monthly readers. We provide new to more than 140,000 daily readers and the time has come to let people hear others in this country.

Steve McKinney is doing a DAMN GOOD JOB! There should be NO JEALOUSY! And so whenever this bunch of ‘TWISTED MINDS’ seek to attack REAL MEN, they should know to expect BLOWS, which ONLY real men give.


  1. Though I criticise McKinney from time to time I am quite aware that an element in this country cannot take criticism.Steve has weighed in on the Saunders Beach issue and the hidden forces have sent their henchmen to cut him and any other down.The three figures as you have highlighted by showing their photos cannot see anything wrong pertaining to this inept and confused Govt.I say bring on Steve and let persons see that despite the many obstacles democracy is alive and well in this country.

  2. Today’s show was really awful. I hope that Steve was having a bad day. Much ado about nothing. Steve had nothing, and it was kind of sad to listen.

  3. LMAO!!!

    All due respect to his deceased daughter and not to hurt your feelings media, but you need to come down from lollipop mountain and join the rest of us here in the real world.

    Steve McKinney is a complete opportunist and your ringing endorsement of him is kind of sad.

    As much as you talk trash about the media, this is the example you hold up as someone doing a great job?

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