Before they tell us what they spent on Miss Universe MOT SPENDING MORE!!!


vwallace-copyNassau, Bahamas — The Bahamas is now hoping a deal with pop star Mariah Carey helps to boost declining tourism numbers.

Reports indicate that The Ministry of Torurism has signed a deal to co-sponsor Mariah Carey’s upcoming album, `Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel’. The deal is what Carey’s record label, Island Def Jam records, calls a ‘product integration deal.’

The actual amount of the promotional investment was not revealed but the new album, set for release later this month, will be accompanied by a 34-page booklet filled glossy adverts, featuring the Bahamas prominently along with the other top perfume, cosmetics and fashion brands who are seemingly underwriting the album.

Residents by now thought the government would’ve accounted already on the MILLIONS spent in the recent Miss Universe pageant. Calls have come from many segments of the community seeking the figure, including the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce, yet, not a word has come from the WUTLESS UNACCOUNTABLE INGRAHAM GOVERNMENT!

Def Jam says it hopes the sponsorship template will be the first of many such arrangements with ‘more commercially minded’ artists like Kanye West, Rihanna and Bon Jovi, according to its chairman, Antonio ‘L.A’ Reid.


  1. They said it was 38 thousand dollars or so. I am in Toronto and there are several streetcars with Bahamas graphics on the entire car moving through the streets of Toronto every day. I believe there is also a subway promotion going on in New York. The problem is that these are all broad or wide scatter shots at time when much more narrow, targeted, focused efforts would probably be more effective.

    There are still millions of people traveling but they are probably limited to specific groups with specific reasons and needs. A more concentrated effort at these specific groups would likely yield better results because the only decision they have to make is where to travel rather than whether to travel.

  2. Don’t get me wrong I love Mariah, but here we go again supporting foreign, when we our very own local artists that need all the support they can get and they still ain saying how much of our money they invested in that pageant yet.

  3. Neither Vanderpool-Wallace or Laing are dummies. Make your point without the nasty name calling because intelligence is in the ear of the beholder. It is called spin, and that is what politicians do, ie, put the best face on a situation in order to help advance their argument. Trinidad hosted Ms Universe and they had the same criticism, but Trinidad is not a Tourist destination like The Bahamas is, but we will see when we see, and that time will come soon enough.

  4. The silent dummy in Ingraham’s cabinet opened his mouth again. Whenever Minister Wallace says something I sit back and go like, WHAT!!! Miss Universe, was an avenue to showcase the Bahamas. or Market the country on a huge stage. It’s simply called Marketing. There is a rule that all marketers follow, they never set the bar themselves, the consumer does. So When Minister Wallace said that the millions spent on Ms Universe was worth it especially on Sunday alone, I laughed. He doesn’t understand the concept relative to residual effect. There is no way of knowing how successful it was until we compare arrivals this quarter and next quarter to same time in 2007 because last year in 2008 we were in full recession mode. With this on going global recession it don’t think Ms. Universe will yield the expected results. Minister Wallace is lying through his teeth just like Minister Z. Laing did last year Jan when he said the Bahamian economy will grow by 4% when all economic indications said otherwise. Hubert has a lot of inexperienced dummies in his cabinet.

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