A home invaders ended the life of an Abaco resident and shot one year old baby


Stanley Saintvil murder victim #180.

Dundas Town, Abaco — Another home invasion in the quaint community of Dundas Town, Abaco, just outside Marsh Harbour, has ended the life of a resident on that island, and has rushed two family victims to the hospital here in the capital.

We can tell you just after 6pm this evening; gunmen entered the home of, Stanley Saintvil, a 35-year-old owner of Stanley Steel Construction Company. The invaders shot and killed the young man in the presence of his wife and one year old daughter.

The gunmen we are told then turned their weapons on the mother and daughter shooting both about the body. Bahamas Press can confirm both arrived in the capital for surgery, and their conditions are listed as serious.

Residents are expressing horror following the incident and are pointing fingers in this latest slaying.

One family member told BP, “Stanley had just recently collected a $40,000 deposit on his winnings at a local number house on the island. He had just won over $100,000 approximately two weeks ago and had yet to receive all of his winnings.”

But has the number business become so deadly, that persons and companies are now the targets for criminals? One official told BP, “This is like a drug dealer stealing from another, who will report who? If I rob you from your earnings, how dear you call the police when you in fact received the money from illegal proceeds? The number business has become a hotbed for robbers and centers are experiencing daily armed robberies.

One year old, Neanea Saintvil, shot and airlifted to the capital.

“The number of robberies on individuals like Stanley are yet to be counted, but we know in many cases there are incidents where people are attacked because it is known they are winners in the number business. They too have become targets for criminals,” the official said.

Friends on Facebook have begun pouring in with condolences. Andrew Cartwright said, “I still Cant Believe it. Rest in peace Stanley.” Stanley last posted on his Facebook wall on Nov. 23rd as he commented on tensions between North and South Korea.

This latest murder pushes the count to 180 since 2009 with 92 having been committed in 2010.


  1. This is just awful, it makes me very sad… and right before the holidays??? Why a little baby? It’s bad enough taking someones life, but an innocent little baby???? I cannot fathom that?
    And we wonder why we don’t have the tourists like we use too… our bread & butter. They are afraid to come here now.. I have heard it from them myself! I live on a little island in the Abaco’s & we are having robberies here too. Come on people, put God in your life… get a job like the rest of us… don’t steal from us, we work hard to provide for our families.. why can’t you do the same?! I am saying a prayer for the mother & baby, that they will be okay. And I agree the law (govt.) needs to make stronger laws for animals that do things like this. bring back the death penalty, maybe they will think twice before taking someone’s life. Makes me very sad for that family, so unfair! My prayers are with them.

  2. The out Islands of the Bahamas have become a safe haven for criminals. No longer are the crimes created on these Islands are considered petty crimes. The problem is the government and those people in authority whose decisions it is to put these criminals where they belong. 2 years ago Brenden Strachan was gunned down like a dog in Abaco and reports have told me that the key persons in his slaying are actually back on the streets with another chance to commit another crime. I am from the Bahamas but currently living in the US because I am afraid to come back home after obtaining a quality education that I felt would have allowed me to come home and be an integral part in the growth and development of the Bahamas. But how do you do that when the people that you put in a position to protect you aren’t doing their jobs and allowing criminals to walk the same streets as I work my butt off to keep my freedom in order to enjoy. If anyone from the news wishes to speak with me on a more professional level feel free to comment below with an email or number to reach you.

    • Hi.. I fully understand how you feel and I’m on my way out of this place as well.
      I’m not a reporter but I do believe you would be interested in what I have to say. It’s almost, “where do you go?….Who do you trust?

      • @ streaker at one point the bahamas was viewed around the world as a christian nation. we are far from that right now. anyway if you wanna talk shoot me an email at this email and I should get it in my personal email. you gatta watch out for yourself these days you don’t know whose who lol.. affordableswag@hotmail.com

  3. this is crazy we need the police to bring back their hit squad to much murders and these dudes and scared of jail or deathrow because they winning all they cases we needs the police to start executing these guys in the road

  4. Bahamians….learn a lesson from this….when you’re making money in this country, dont let anyone know…even your own will set you up to get robbed.

    What is more sad is the fact that the man right to earn and to make a living for himself has been denied by cowards who thought that they should be in his place….I hope they get the maximum punishment when they are caught.


  6. @suzi you hit da nail rite on da head, i feel like those ppl couldn’t pay up & put a hit out on dis dude…dis is a really sad 1 for all involved, hope da wife & kid make it tru…!!

  7. It is cruel and inhumane when you can pull out a gun and shoot a baby…That child cant identify you. why would they do this to an innocent baby?……You’ll better start putting the noose around those punks neck and get serious

  8. what needs to happen is the people of the bahamas needs to stand up and stop letting the criminals controlling them and there nieghbourhoods we need to stand up as a people and let them know WE as a people has had enough of it STAND UP

  9. Sad… When are we going to stand up as a people and stop letting politics get in the way? This Minister of National Security needs to resign. At least let us take a chance with somebody else. We can’t go into a new year with the same old….. This is scary.. A baby being shot in the process…. We need to stand up people. We need a revoultion in this Country.

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