A letter to the Editor of Bahamas Press

Marco Archer - 11-year-old found dead in Yorkshire Drive in Western New Providence.

Dear Editor

I feel for the family of Marco Archer. I hope that the God of the Bible grants them His peace in the midst of their storm.

I hope that no one from Nassau misinterprets what I am about to write. This particular case has garnered a lot of publicity. It was mentioned in a address to his supporters by Progressive Liberal Party Leader Perry Christie at his party’s Job Creation and Empowerment Summit on September 30 and by Member of Parliament for Bain and Grants Town Dr Bernard Nottage in the House of Assembly on October 6.

I was ambivalent as I watched Kohfe Edwardo Goodman hauled to court on Bank Lane for allegedly having sexual intercourse with two young boys. The mob out there on Bank Lane was livid. I understand that several of them were hurling profanities at the accused pedophile; even though now it has been reported that he was arraigned for matters unrelated to the Marco Archer case.

Thank God police officers were out there. That mob would have torn him to pieces. If he is guilty, then he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If innocent, then I hope he is given back his freedom. I understand that he was in Fox Hill Prison before for a similar offence and for attempted murder. Was he reformed? I will not speak to his guilt or innocence. I will leave that to our justice system. Nevertheless, the way that mob carried on, you would think that he was just found guilty by the courts. The way things look, I seriously doubt that he could get a fair trial in Nassau. Many Nassauians are riled up over the Marco Archer case. Who could blame them? Whoever killed young Marco must be punished for his heinous crime.

Perhaps the Marco Archer case has finally awakened the moral conscience of the people of New Providence. But why did it had to take 104 murders in nine months for the people of New Providence to finally say enough is enough? Where was the moral outrage when the other 103 murders were being committed? Where was the moral outrage for the 94 murder victims of 2010? These victims are just as important as Marco Archer. Their voices must also be heard. We must not forget these slain Bahamians. Their blood also cries out for justice,and only justice in our broken judicial system.

I truly hope that the Royal Bahamas Police Force is able to quickly solve the Marco Archer case. But we must remember that there are other families of murder victims who are also crying out for justice. They have not been afforded the same media coverage that the Marco Archer case has received. That mob should have been out on Bank Lane each time a murder and rape suspect is arraigned. They should also decry the gratuitous bloodletting each time a murder has been committed in this country. As we all mourn with Marco Archer’s family, we must never forget the other 103 murder victims. These fallen Bahamians are just as important as Marco Archer!

Yours truly,
Kevin Evans


  1. While all life is sacred, Mr. Evans, the manner in which Marco Archer met his death indicates an unaddressed societal cancer in our midst which makes every decent parent contemplate and commit MURDER in their minds!

    The unresolved sodomy and mutiliation of the five boys in Freeport, Grand Bahama alerted the Bahamian community to the collusion of our Police Force with the sexually deviant members of our judiciary. Many sexual deviants abound in both institutions!!

    Vigilanteeism will rise if the Law is prevented from providing protection and justice for our children!

    We wait to watch the hypocites attempt to reduce the 35 years sentence of Mr. Andrew Birbal as his Appeal comes up this morning. As a matter of fact FYI:the matter has been adjourned to October 27th, 2011 by Justice Anita Allen,according to the JCN 1PM newsfeed.

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