DNA Candidate for Blue Hills now without a job as shipping company closes its doors


Coco Cay in the Berrys, Bahamas

Nassau, BahamasBahamas Press is reporting the closure of another major business in the Bahamas, and this morning some 39 workers are without a job.

We have learnt additional layoff will gripped the country next week as the unemployment numbers climb by the day.

Sources have confirmed to BP the termination of 39 staff members at the Seaboard Marine Shipping operations at the Arawak Cay Port.

Reliable sources in the position to know tell us, the shipping owners closed the doors on Wednesday and have notified the workers of their future. We are told a candidate for the DNA could now drop out of the race as a result of these developments. Dario Terrelli is now out of a JOB! And that’s not all.

DNA candidate, Dario Terrelli, now unemployed as Seaboard Marines Shipping closes its doors and terminate 39 workers.

Bahamas Press can also confirm the termination of some 50 persons at the resort on Kamalamae Cay in beautiful Andros. Sources on that island have confirmed, the workers were terminated just this week and not a lick of the news have been reported in the DUTTY WUTLESS MEDIA!

And if the job bloodbaths around the country are not enough, we can report the local community surrounding COCO Cay, operated by Royal Caribbean Cruise, are in an uproar as local businesses are being choked.

Sources on the Cay, located in the Berry Islands tell us, straw vendors are being broadsided by the mega cruise line, which has now opened its own shops in direct competition to the locals stalls.

Guests docking on the Cay are now being asked to shop at the new cruise line stores on the beach. Those disembarking the vessel are now with the “convenience” of having items purchased at the cruise line store with charges posted directly to cabins.

“This is unfair! How could the Government and the minister of tourism allow this crime to occur against us? They are taking bread right out of our mouth! I cannot believe Ingraham would allow such to happen to his own,” an angry vendor told BP.

Despite the surprise by the vendor the fact remains they are now in competition with the cruise ship; ALL APPROVED BY PAPA’S CABINET! There was a time in the Bahamas when all stores on cruise ships were ordered to close as they docked at a Bahamian port. NO SO ANYMORE! Hubert Ingraham and his band of spineless merry men have reversed those rules allowing more foreign businesses to prosper over the locals. The results? More Bahamians are catching hell under the FNM!



  1. Why would an independently wealthy/financially stable person want to be in politics? The examples we have now are not too great. Most just get more for them and their families.Define extraordinary, an: attorney, Doctor, fisherman, sailor, police, business owner? In the Bahamas we have crooks in all of these professions and many are now facing jail time. We need men of character plain and simple. Ronald Reagan was a movie actor. Our country is in ruins and we were excited about some of these men when we elected them. But, look at us now. I prefer a David any day over a Saul.

  2. Blue Hills need that individual who will stand up and represent their interest first.

    our current representative is a man of the party and from the party and is prepared to carry out the dictates his party.
    That is certainly the last thing Blue Hills need.

    I wont discount the candidate because a misfortune came upon him.

    we need a champion on our side, someone, despite his political stripe, would embrace and represent all the people of the constituency.

    I’m not saying we have that in the candidate of which we speak, I don’t know him.
    I’m just saying, don’t place all that sillyness about independent wealth and financial stability in the path of any of the candidates.

  3. My comment is about the DNA. I could be wrong, but the more I see and hear, it seems like they are choosing any Tom Dick and Harry that wants to get in. These people seem to be very ordinary people with ordinary jobs and ordinary minds. I’m not knocking the individual themself. They COULD be nice people in everyday life who you could have a great conversation with or whatever. But our country is in a DESPERATE state; we don’t have time for ordinary, we need extraordinary! Yes we don’t need and more lawyers (sick to death of hearing and seeing them). We do need more business men. Ones that, reflected by their business, are creative, ingenious, dynamic, and fast thinkers…

    • “…These people seem to be very ordinary people with ordinary jobs and ordinary minds…”

      Wait as opposed to the FMN and PLP? lol lol

    • Nothing to lose! And that is the problem! Nothing to lose…EVERYTHING to gain! We need more independently wealthy/financially stable people to be in politics!

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