A Major Drug Bust at Bimini Bay



Police and DEU officials raided a private home at the Bimini Bay property on the island of Bimini yesterday, according to sources on that island.

According to a resident, a home on the private property was raided by officials early yesterday morning where they uncovered packages of drugs stashed away throughout the home. According to the resident, no arrests have been made in the incident.

Residents on Bimini are still complaining about the unfair treatment of Bahamian workers at the Bimini Bay Resort. “The scores of Santa Domingians are working seven (7) days a week, whilst the Biminites who were terminated in the summer and promised to be returned back in November, are still sitting home,” a resident said.

“Where is the voice for the Bimini workers? Where is the Bimini MP,” another resident said.

“It is a shame that we here on Bimini have no voice in our own country, whilst foreigners are working, we are getting fired,” the resident said.

No official response on the raid has yet been reported.


  1. have anyone noticed that the drug bust had only occurr during the tenure of a certain officer who would do anything to become teh next commissioner of police.
    have anyone noticed that the drug bust were occurring every two weeks and the public were never shown the drugs found,

    has anyone noticed that the teh drugs wer ein small quantities hidden in 40 feet containers, how is it possible to find drugs ever two weeks and only when all of the agencies are in place
    now that a new commissioner has just about been named the drug bust stop it seems to me that this was all a set up plan to convince the public that the next police commissioner should be that officer from freeport and teh out going commissioner should be given a new job of drug czar. if this happens God help us all- le tus not forget how the baggage handelers were set up by this duo. give them the power and the whole country would be set up

  2. Joe Blow, I love that last line:… “I am as blessed as you are, my Brother. May you live your life abundantly!…
    However, In your first paragraph I hope you’re not suggesting Sol Kerzner and foreign invertors are NATURE or gods.
    I think you could make a good contribution in our parliament. TAKE THE CHAIR MR. JOE BOLW! TAKE THE CHAIR!

  3. Wisdom: That song is, as many others, an American song. The land always belongs to nature(GOD). We become the keepers of it for a period of time. Freedom is a nebulous thing for which man has fought from the beginning of his existence. Can you define freedom? It means different things to different people. The Jewish people were free in no land and so sought help in establishing Isreal. Iranian women seek freedom in what they call their land but continue to be punished for wanting an education and to have independent thoughts and actions. Freedom is sought after, but we are not free to do as we like because we must have order.The only true freedom that you and I might know is the internal freedom that we allow ourselves. Even that is a difficulty because none of us are pure in our thoughts actions and deeds. If we were, we surely would be very lonely. Foreign persons are really no better nor worse as people than we are. They do not have all the answers. They bleed like you and I, they hurt like you and I, they are confused, lke you and I and that is because we were all made in the same mold. Some have a different colour, some have different features, some have a better foundation in life but all aspire to the same thing. A desire to be happy, to be loved and to love and to live in peaceful coexistence with all others. Our differences makes us unique, our sameness makes us acceptable to one another. By some miracle, unknown to us, we are evolving as we should. You are as blessed as I am, my Brother. May you live your life abundantly!

  4. Media, the young lady with the camera has a blush of Mrs. Ingraham. They could be family. I hope you not saying, there is kind of intimate relationship. I think the PM wants to live long. That young lady is too much for any man over 50 years old.

  5. So Joe Blow, why the Ministry of Education allowed us to sing such lies for so long. The SONG goes “…This land is my land, this land is your, this land was made for YOU and ME…?
    I must credit you JOE BLOW, you put up a good defense on this topic. But we CLAIM to be a free and independent country, which seems to be another lie.
    Joe Blow, I detect that you are well informed with history, or you’re a good politician. Do you want to take the helm of this country? Or should we start bringing in Foreign Politician, like we do in every other profession, we like to say Bahamians are not qualifying for the JOB. That being the case, let us begin to import Foreign Politician. That is only fair.

  6. I believe you would find upon, investigaton, that Resorts Internatonal also inherited that land from the original owner(s) of Hog Island. We must remember that as an English Colony a lot of land was and some still is owned by many English families. Crown land was land ceded to the Royal Family of England when the English laid claim to these islands. We tend to think that our land has always belonged to the Bahamian people. Not so at all. There was, and not so long ago, no such people as Bahamians. The Indians who centuries ago held these lands were wiped out by the Caribes and the diseases of the European explorers who came here. It is incumbant upon a people to search out and know their history. By doing so they can better understand where they have come and how they have evolved. Go to a search engine on your computer and key into “bahamian history” or original natives of the bahamas islands. Read Mitcheners book on the Caribbean.

  7. This Bimini Bay place needs to be put in torn up with investigation. I always had a bad feeling about that place.

  8. Joe Blow you sound like a GREAT politician, and I agree with this last blogg post to me (WISDOM).
    However, you dodge the billion dollar question; ….HOW DID SOL KERZNER GOT ALL THAT LAND IN ANDROS IN THE FIRST PLACE?

    Mr. Peet replied to Wendell Jones on Sunday past,…OH! Sol Kerzner “INHERITED” the land in Andros from Resorts International.
    What Wendell “DID NOT” ask was how did Resorts International got the land in Andros.

  9. Wisdom: That land deal is a done deal. It should be bought back and at no more than 10% of its original price. A consortium of Bahamian farmers should be assembled to farm that land and as they begin to show profit they must be assessed an amount per year that will eventual pay the land off. The government need not make a profit on the land but must recoup its costs. part of that land could be used for an agricultural, research school with connections to COB and BAIC. Give enough incentives and Bahamians just might go back to farming.

  10. Joe Blow,…the Lord helps those who help themselves. But the one billion dollar question is: ARE WE TRYING TO HELP OURSELVES?
    Listening to Wendell Jones, on Jones Communication, yesterday, a question was put to Vincent Peet. Wendell asked; HOW DID SOL KERZNER GOT ALL THAT LAND IN ANDROS IN THE FIRST PLACE?

    Mr. Peet replied OH! Sol Kerzner “INHERITED” the land in Andros from Resorts International.
    What Wendell “DID NOT” ask was how did Resorts International got the land in Andros.
    But the strangest thing about this land in Andros, is that Mr. Peet is PRAISING Sol Kezner, for allow the Government to have FIRST preference to buy back the land. Which in my opinion was given to Resorts International.
    You are right JOE BLOW the Lord helps those who help themselves. But something is wrong with that picture.

  11. Wisdom: Yes, WE can make a difference! Remember the Lord helps those who help themselves. Sorry ladies! I have a lot of confidence in the women of the world and sometimes wonder if we would not be better off turning the country’s budget over to them.

  12. Joe Blow no kidding, you got this idea out of the pages of BATMAN movie.
    Believe me, with out the consideration of DIVINE HELP, only the real BATMAN can make a litte impact on crime as it is now.

  13. Hmmm. very good point Joe Blow. One thing though, you said “A special prosecutor should be appended to this task force and all evidence and reports must be held by his office in order to ensure no evidence goes missing”. You give the impression that this is a job cannot be done by a woman. You should of said “Held by his/her office. However you brought up a very important issue and I can agree with you on some things said.

  14. The drug trade is one of the major causal factors in the increase in the murder rate in the Bahamas. It points to a good reason why the need for an uncorruptable Drug Czar and drug task force. The force must have mandatory and unfettered control. It must have priority to bring the ringleaders to court swiftly. A special prosecutor should be appended to this task force and all evidence and reports must be held by his office in order to ensure no evidence goes missing. Once a defendant has been indited a mechanism should be in place to investigate all properties, bank accounts etc. owned by that person,his family friends and lawyers with the view to show how such property has been obtained. Confiscation should be immediate upon conviction. We will only stop drug trafficing if we “dry-up” the profit. It appears to me that Marvin Dames is a natural for this appointment. If need be, we must bring in outside persons to be a part of the action team so as to prevent the corruption and long delays we experience today. All proceeds from the confiscation and disposal of illegally held property should be used for the education of our youth pointing out the danger of being involved with drugs and with the rehabilitation of drug users.
    Should you agree with the above why not forward a letter to the Prime Minister and T. Turnquest with any additional suggestions. If we do not lead in this effort it is obvious little will be done.

  15. Mr. Coleby, I appreciate your reference to statistics, however, one must be happy with the increased number of narcotics busts recently, regardless of political affiliation. The more busts the better. I think the increased frequency of narcotics busts is not necessarily attirbutable to the government, but more so the scanning technology used at the Freeport container port and the GBPA.

  16. I am particularly surprised at the number of drug busts that have taken place in the Bahamas during the past 18 months. History has taught us that the shipments successfully interdicted are a small percentage of the ones that make it undetected to the continental USA. It is safe to say that this country is awash in illegal narcotics.

    This represents serious structural and functional gaps, weaknesses, and shortcomings in the public institutions responsible for border control, national security, and public safety. I am also surprised that the leaders of these institutions have not presented a comprehensive plan to deter this neferious activity (in our country) that brings with it, dire social consequences.

    To paraphrase a comment made by the current PM: Crime is out of control in this country and this (FNM) government is paralyzed to do anything about it.

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