A man’s charred reminds present the 200th murder since 2009


Nassau, Bahamas — Who would murder a young man in the middle of the night and then burn his body to a crisp? That’s the question police are probing at this hour as they wrap up investigations involving the country’s 14th murder victim.

Sources close to the investigations tell us, detectives early this morning discovered the charred remains of a male in the Destiny Lakes community just to the west of Gladstone Road. The source tell us the man’s identity is unknown, however, it is believed he was murdered in the same area where his charred remains lay.

What cold animal of the reptilian tribe could have committed such a crime, and to make matters worst, commit such a heinous act on this BLESSED SUNDAY MORNING!

BP is reporting this is the 200th murder in the Bahamas since 2009, with some 5 additional murders committed this year alone still unclassified.

Under Tommy Turnquest, crimes have spiraled out-of-control with no solution in sight!




  1. @ Defense… Yah dumb ass need to shut up, talking bout homosexuals. tsss. Its the uneducated men in our country today who’s killing each other. yall always tryin to put the blame on someone. You let god worry about the gays, you just controls your family and kids for shit happen.

  2. Ok this a bunch of crap, does it really matter who is in charge?
    Let me see ! How about let’s start hanging and watch how many fools will run
    On shit! Everytime you try to enforce capital punishment we as “bahamians en in to dat” cuz
    Why? Dats we cuzin! Here’s the solution f… What the “country, shristian concil and ya grammy” say
    Bring back the the good ole whip and shit and start hanging these bastards!!!

  3. The soloution does not lie with the politician obviously they don’t have all of the answers. Crime is a a result of poor conflict resoloution and anger management. If we can mesh these two together I think we would see a significant reduction in crime. Blaming an individual does not solve the problem. The political approach to crime is an obvious disaster. When a person is killed we blame the political directorate, while they should shoulder some of the blame it reflects on the Bahamian society and our lack of compasion for each other. If we can somehow funnel all that energy that our people put into criminal activity and make that into productivity crime will go down. It starts with the man in the mirror.

    • What do you expect…the devil is at the helm…

      People should not be misled. Almost everyting Hubert does have to be copied to Tommy. That is the agreement for embarrassing him with the leadership…Dont forget who is father is.. Tiny, HAI and Brent are running the show…and lets not forget Manny Alexiou and Tony Ferguson. (Right behind hogging up everything.

  4. IT does not matter who is in charge. The Bahamas is a part of a drug culture that involves these gruesome acts of violence.

    Face the facts folks! All those involved in drug smuggling know the risks they face.

  5. why bleam tommy he has a boss and we know he dont listen to no one things was fine with perry but yall wanted better is it? like branvill say no compassion this man has than nothing to help tackal crime not one solution my god is it fair to say we went back since 2007 may god help us. we need to all go down town declear a no confidence in this government.

  6. When are we going to wake up as a Nation and demand that somebody else be places in the position of National Security Minister? Tommy Turnquest is failing. Failure.
    Are we still going to be political about the issue. There shouln’t be one Tommy Turnquest supported that would say that he is doing a good job. He is failing.
    While the community has to get involved to curb crime, it is thr responsibility of the Government to protect it’s citizens. That’s their job.We don’t want to hear what the previous Government did, we don’t want to hear that it’s the parents, do your job. Please try harder. Crime is out of control in this little town. Plkease replace Tommy

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