A naked man outside an apartment complex tells police the landlord attempted to kill him 12:30 am Tuesday morning!


Landlord and toddler dead in bizarre morning fight! WHAT REALLY HAPPENED?!

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NASSAU| So a Taxi Driver 1722, who was the owner of some Airbnb, and his baby are dead following an early morning incident.

According to police an early morning incident in the Family Street off Soldier Road area left a 42-year-old man Jamaine Miller, and his toddler son Anwar Miller, dead.

According to a statement, police received a call around 12:30 a.m. suggesting that a couple was being attacked by his landlord. When the officers arrived at the house they met a naked male outside the house who pointed them to a room where the landlord (taxi Driver 1722) barricaded himself inside.

Police attempted to breach the door and that was when they heard glass smashing which was the landlord attempting to escape out of the building. A struggle began and a chase a short distance into a garbage bin. The landlord was arrested and cuffed.

Also unresponsive on a bed in a room of the complex was a toddler showing no signs of life. Police then also discovered the landlord dead.

Was this an incident of overdose or someone suffering from mental illness? And why was the male standing outside the complex still naked when police arrived? WELL WHAT IS THIS?!

Police say they are investigating this bizarre early morning incident!

We report yinner decide!