A PLP NGC Meeting should demand Malcolm to account or face expulsion from the Party


bradleyr<<< Malcolm Adderley’s defiance will test the new PLP leadership before the Bahamian public. Bradley Roberts, Chairman of the PLP.

Nassau, Bahamas — We are not about getting into the PLP’s business, however, Bahamas Press believes the Malcolm Adderley saga with the party has dragged on long enough.

You would know Adderley, according to sources close to him and BP, will resign from his seat in the Lower House. And despite this development it appears the leader nor anyone else inside the PLP can get this selfish member to speak to what hook Hubert Ingraham now has in him.

Bahamas Press believes this is unbecoming of a standing member of a Party and now it the time for the PLP to save itself national embarrassment and disgrace from a selfish backbencher.

Adderley refuses to meet with the leader, thus he dismisses the leader. He refuses to meet with envoys set up by Christie, thus he dismisses them also. He refuses to meet at any PLP caucus meeting. Nor has Adderley appeared at any Parliamentary voting where he votes with the PLP when they oppose the government. This is indeed incredible!

malcolm-adderleyBahamas Press believes this is now time for the Chairman of the Party, Bradley Roberts, to convene a National General Council meeting of the party and command the MP for Elizabeth to account to the Trustees of that organization. That meeting should be summoned before Adderley makes his move in the New Year. His failing to appear at that meeting should then move a motion for his expulsion from the organization.

Readers would remember the results of the Greenberg Quinlan Rosner report, which outlined the reasons for the Party’s defeat in the 2007 general elections. It noted that Christie’s weak leadership style was the main cause for the Party’s defeat.

Incidents such as Adderley’s lack of participation magnifies the results of the report to the electorate and incredibly one again – like the buss up in the Cabinet Room strengthens to the public fact Christie cannot control members of his own party.

For more than a year now, Bahamas Press has called for Christie and the PLP to censure Adderley. For more than one year we have asked the PLP to reel him in. For more than a year we’ve told them to Fire Malcolm Adderley, but contrary to this they’ve allowed this itching saga to continue. Well, all we say is this, sit there and continue to do nothing, youll soon see why the people rejected the PLP in 2007.




  1. Too late Again !! Neither Puddy Kat or Big Bad Dog can interfere with whatever Malcolm Adderley does. Same goes for Brave. Malcolm gats somethings on dem and if they attempt anything untoward him he will run to resign and unleash a blizzard of attacks on all Three of them. Thats why Puddy Kat was scared to make him A .G. cause he felt that Adderley may have dealt the strong arm of the Law on his Boy$$ and shorten the PLP funding leading into an All Out Election. Well my friend the time has come and Malcolm is gonna have some FUN. Its all about survival and pension. Perry , Bradley, Brave and Frankie the Snake ( I’ll break down ya Church) Wilson can provide any assurance. So they better thread carefully or pay darely.

  2. BP, sad part is regardless.. Mr. Christie just does not have what it takes to make hard decisions… and plus.. it is too late… Hubert Ingraham is now controlling PLP member and I understand that another PLP who should have got the boot a while a go will be campaigning with Mr. Ingraham in Elizabeth….SHame on Parry, he is destorying the PLP by his inability to just work… and do his job… Shame..

  3. Very good story though I must say for over 5 years…. Mr. Addereley has been labeled as a “FNM  SPY”. They meet at Lyford Cay parties and Adderely talks EVERYTHING. Also, BP should express more that he dont DO NOTHING in dis constituency and from 2007 a SIZABLE amount of people wanted Perry to dismiss him but NOOOOOOOOOO He let him stay das why he gettin what he deserve.

  4. We don’t know. Perhaps this is when it will happen. We know the move is early in the year.


  5. Assuming you are right, I guess the question is when will he resign.  From what I understand, Mr. Adderley will get Parliamentary Pension in May, will that be when he resigns?

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