A private school in the capital wants parents to pay tuition for March and April when school was closed! WELL, WAIT!


NASSAU| An “unsaved” Christian institution on New Providence has lost its marbles and demanded parents pay tuition for their students who have been languishing home since MARCH.

The school administrators circulated a notice to parents, seeking to charge tuition fees for the months of March and April when no learning ever took place.

In fact, the Administrators added that, if paid in full, the same parents would be given a 20% discount for being the fool. Some parents can also opt for a partial payment arrangement and then get a 10% discount for being a jackass! What do these people think this is!?

Bahamas Press wonders how could some of these private schools, having operated for years, not be in any position to function financially, and yet expect unemployed parents to keep them afloat!

The letter was sent to parents in the wee hours of the morning – 1:02 am to be exact.

The school did begin a Google platform last Monday, May 11th, months after students were sent home into lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And, during the lockdowns, some interested parents, who didn’t want their kids to be dressed up in Barney and SpongeBob costumes all day, arranged an unofficial WhatsApp group to get a grade two class on the learning schedule.

With all the technology of ZOOM and Google classroom, it took the lazy educators this long to write a way forward for teachers with all the examples of learning now happening around the world!

Anyway, COVID-19, if it taught us anything, it has taught parents to take a special interest in your child’s education! Just look at what has happened in this case; they want your money – but don’t give a damn about your child’s education. DO BETTER!

We report yinner decide!