A proud moment for the Campbell-Marshall clan

Dr LINCOLN Marshall, Dr Dominique Marshall and Dr. Megan Manswell.

By Winston T. Marshall

The week of May 16 through 21, 2023 was a particularly reflective and memorable one in the life of Dr. Dominique Marshall, a newly minted dentist of the Manswell and Campbell Marshall clans.

Without exaggeration it was a time of great jubilation, reflection, and an opportunity for extreme pride to be a part of that special group of pilgrims; family members, and close friends who descended on the Washington area to celebrate the graduation and robing of my niece, Dr Dominique.

This group included god-father Chris Smith from Nassau, cousins Lydia Joi Marshall, my daughter, and Kaeleb from Toronto Canada, the three senior members of the Campbell Kemp clan, Rachel, Margaret, and AJ, from Boston, California, and Chicago respectively.  Chef Eddie Johnson from Nassau and Anthony Pratt and his wife from New York were also there.

While graduation from the University of Maryland’s School of Dentistry was a laudable achievement in itself. My intention essentially is to highlight and reflect on the remarks that I brought at her well-planned reception on Saturday, May 20, 2023.

It was quite an emotional occasion for all attendees. And it was my task to bring greetings and good wishes to Dr. Dominique and to remind her and the audience of how proud she has and continues to make us feel; dating back to her youth when she played her violin at the Midnight Mass at St Matthew’s Anglican Church in Nassau, Bahamas.

Next, I reflected on how Dr. Dominique would be reminded by her uncles and cousin Levoi of how much she looked like her Grammy Marshall.

But for me, it was a singular honor to remind Dr. Dominique of the humbling experience and pride to have both of her parents, Dr. Megan Manswell, a dentist, and Dr. Lincoln Marshall (Ph.D.) robe her during the ceremony.

No matter how long we live that memory, that tradition of being robe by not just individuals of the same degree or higher but by your parents will remain the most memorable one.

As the senior Campbell-Marshall present for the occasion, I express joy, happiness, and pride on behalf of the clan, Dr. Dominique dad’s portion of her village.

You made us all. so proud.