A “Rotten Egg is still a Rotten Egg” and still stinks

The Progressive Liberal Party

Dear BP,

I’ve been a PLP for 42 years. I voted with great expectation to really see a “New Day”. Alas, I am sorely disappointed with some of the names being bandied about as Chairman and Members of Certain Boards.

It reminds me of that Old Adage that defines insanity: Continuing to do the same thing and expecting a different result.

Why in the world would the New Day Government want to appoint Nat Beneby to any Board, assuming this is true?

This brother served on the Board at BPL at least twice and at the Public Hospitals Authority.

I am not aware of any innovative ideas promulgated by him. So what’s the point?

And then there is your report on the degenerate Reverend and his ungodly antics. What does he bring to the table other than his uncouth ways?

Well, it seems as if the PLP never learns. I guess if Reno Brown and Basil Sands, Sr. were still alive, the PLP would appoint them, too. As I recall, those two Gentlemen probably served on Boards since Independence.

I support the Leader but I implore the Party not to retread and recycle these persons.

A “Rotten Egg is still a Rotten Egg” and still stinks.

D. H.