A second woman shot to death here in the capital


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Nassau, Bahamas — We are reporting another murder here on Nassau.

Police in the capital report a second woman has become the victim of a fatal shooting. The woman was discovered dead in the South Beach area at dump site location sometime around 10am today.

The woman was fatally shot to the head. Her bullet-riddle body was believed by detectives have been disposed of at the location.

She has become the 190th murder since 2009. (Murder count is 190/ suspicious deaths count 3).


  1. Sorry for being to long with this.

    BUT, I guarantee this will reduce the crime rate over night:
    Command ALL, law enforcement officers, and I mean, ALL, law enforcement, officers in the entire country. To lock away their service weapons in a well secure building for a month, and I could “put my head on the chopping block,” that crime will be reduce in this country, for that month.

    I have seen too much corruption in this town.

    Example: I know of two police officers, which jokes around on how they occasionally locked up, a man for the weekend to have sex with his wife. THIS IS A TRUE STORY, and I was there when one of the officers would jokes about what he and a friend did. (This was back in the 1980’s). To me this was no joke. One of these officers is still on the police force today.

    Example #2; I was at the seen of a gambling game, when three officers surprisingly embarked on the game at the roll of the dice, and pulled their service revolver.
    Three of my friends ran however I stayed. But I would never forget the chilling words the 6 foot 3 inch officer that weighted over 250 lbs uttered when two of the officer brought back one of the partakers of the game with the money pot.

    He said….”I was going to SHOOT his YOU-KNOW-WHAT.

    During that era, the then Police Commissioner was hesitant to issue more guns to fellow officers, I then UNDERSTOOD why.

    I also can remember, an incident when a police officer gave he service revolver to a prisoner to commit robbery. WHAT A SHAME!

    There was also an incident I remember, where a police officer family member took his police uniform and robbed a hotel. Right here in Nassau.

    Last month, just lately a young man was carrying on very disorderly, to a young lady, and when the girl’s mother mentioned she was going to call the police, the young man went ballistic and told everyone whom his uncles and cousins were on the police force (He wasn’t ashamed to mention their names).
    He then went on to say how if they called any officer, he would be out in hours to deal with them.
    You see why I have to keep, under the shadow of the ALMIGHTY!
    Wisdom is the principle thing, and in all your getting get understanding.
    Unless the LORD guards the city, The watchman keeps awake in vain.

  2. don’t blame the government for the crime wave in our country…..check the books i may b off a little with the figures but if you are caught with an illegal gun u face a penalty of years with 2 years for each additional bullet that is found in your possession so with that being said blame the corrupt system that allows people to payoff/bribe crooked cops and crooked officials…. why blame the government for the actions of men who no not and wish not to handle disputes in a MANLY manner that is find an alterior motive to resolve their issues rather than run for a gun or cutlass or run for your boys…

    • What you mean don’t blame them and they were the ones pointing BLAME before they got in office? THEY ARE EMPTY AND SHALLOW AND NEVER HAD A PLAN! WE NEED CHANGE!


  3. yes change in governing party…….I live in Canada, just outside Ottawa the capital in 2010 there were 10 murders now lets try and use some, numbers, the population here for Ottawa/Hull is just over 1.1 million and just 10 murders in a year just about everone here has a LEGAL firearm………I’m almost 70 years old and I remember the old days when murders where almost none in Nassau………..now tell me what goverment is going to fix this problem .

  4. @ “K4C” & “yes change in government parties”, we definitely need a change in government. We need harsher laws and we need to change our judicial system. While I feel as if the problem stems from a child and discipline in the home; its not being done, therefore, we expect the government to place harsher laws (whether its PLP or FNM) to eliminate persons from committing these crimes. The parents aren’t doing it and so parliament representatives, do the job we are paying you to do. Enforce hanging, send persons found with an unlicensed gun to jail for a long time, train our detectives to be smarter, clean up our judicial system and the police force and get these persons behind bars and if we have to send these lawyers to JAIL who representing these criminals that they know are guilty, then so be it. Lets take our country back guys!!!

  5. Media: You keep making this correlation between government and crime…. and you know deep down, if you are that Critical Thinker you are advocating for others, that the problem of crime is multifaceted.I will again encourage you to raise the level of debate by posting sensible ideas and thoughts… challenge people to think without a political color. Crime starts in the heart and thoughts of an individual. Let us encourage people to transcend their circumstances and strive to become their best. Remember, crime will not cease with the mere change of government…. and I know you KNOW that.

  6. Yes we do need CHANGE but……it’s not a change in governing parties…..it’s a change about guns and drugs and lifestyles, you may say we have a gun or a drug problem….we don’t……..we have a problem with people with drug problems and gun ownership..legal or otherwise…ohh the lifesylye….well go look back in our history.

  7. When a friend called me yesterday and said this it was the most disturbing news ever… Inderia Barry was her name.. She was one of the coolest persons that I knew.. It was so disturbing to know that someone or persons could be soo cruel and have no care for the human life in general.. And I hope that they find the man or men who did this.. I pray for her family is such a trying time and friends… R.I.P. Indy

    • Ya know that is the second women in months to have been thrown on the side of the road like that? WE NEED CHANGE!


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