A second woman, this time in San Salvador, discovered this morning stabbed to death


San Salvador — Just a hop from Eleuthera and not far from Cat Island Bahamas Press agents sitting in the Riding Rock Inn in the beautiful community of San Salvador tell us we have another murder on our hands as the bloodbath continues across the country.

We can confirm, having just landed on the island; residents discovered the lifeless body of a female.

Early reports already point to a suspect known to the deceased, whom we are told is now on the run.

The woman, from what we know, was a security officer on the island. Because family has yet to be identified, Bahamas Press will hold off naming the victim at this time at this time.

This murder accounts for some 278  committed in the country since 2009. She is BP’s 92nd murdered victim and is the 3rd persons to die by the hands of heartless killers, who have been released to slaughter the innocent all over the Bahamas!

And while all this slaughter, mayhem and river of blood swallow up the country, Papa and his crony ‘Da Tycoon’ gone fishing on the JULY ROCK while the country reels on autopilot!



  1. ya’ll worring about people posting names and picture when there is a demon loose in our lil island we need to pray and stop worrying about the small things in life and work together because of this mistake everyone will begin to hate on each other this is how it starts of please cry peace not war love one another we are loosing our people everyday to senseless acts lets get together and try to put and end to this instead of throwing jeers please lets stop this

  2. How the hell her gaddam parents allow this chit to happen. How the hell they could allow their precious daughter to shak up and play barbie-doll house with a dam wutless, jobless, stupid, garbage-head THUG.

    This gal was dam two years removed from playing with dam doll-baby.

    These parents should be brought to Nassau and pubically flogged in the middle of Rawson Square. They have failed this precious child.

    What kind of Godless ppl and parents do we have in this country.

  3. God has a reason for everything that happens. I’m just heartbroken that she was so young. No one deserves to leave like that. And by the hands of another

  4. We as a church must get back to street meetings and evangelism, the saving of souls. The nation needs to have a national day of repentance. 10 years ago the lord told me to shave my head and go in mourning for this nationI was instructefd to go on every park throughout the bahamas. Read 11 chron.7:13-14
    People mocked me. Now trouble is here!!We need to repent as a nation.

  5. Lets minimize the violence Bahamas!!! We are all to blame here. We see wrong things happen in front of us every minute and we do nothing about it. We need to correct ourselves first before we start pointing fingers at others. If each of us as a parent and adult correct our young children when they do something wrong or is heading into harms way we will be guaranteed a better Bahamas. We will also guarantee a brighter future for our children. We need to educate ourselves so we are better equipted to teach our children. Our children can only produce what we instil in them, so lets do our part as parents, adults and mentors. Let us proclaim “Badness out of Style” and reclaim Peace in the Bahamas. Our Young People need Role Models so let it start with you reading this now and setting an example for the young men and women in your life. Don’t turn away when they come to you for assistance. If you can’t help them take them to someone who can. Interevene when you smell trouble in their voice or even their actions, it maybe their way of asking for help. Please Bahamians, lets eliminate the violence and bring peace to our streets!!
    R.I.P Sweet Gyrl…you will be missed!

  6. “while the country reels on autopilot!”
    LOL. BP you are hillarious. Keep up the informative, no holds barred, with a comedic twist, news. It’s refreshing to read in such a fake, mendacious country.
    p.s. very sad to hear we are at 92.

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