A senior official from a foreign mission jumped on a plane to Peru to meet up with her special Cabinet Minister friend…


‘Gussiemae’ Delegation – which could cost taxpayers more than half a million dollars – lands in Peru at a time when Peter Turnquest told the country the cupboard is bare! WHAT A LIE!

Serious shopping in Peru.

Nassau – There is plenty wining, dining and you know what we want say in Peru this week as the PM’s ‘Gussiemae’ Delegation arrived for another summit.

BP is learning that several officials have joined the delegation who are not mentioned on the official delegation list.

We are learning that a senior Bahamian official from a foreign mission deep in the US, who is also the special friend of a politician, checked herself into the same hotel with the delegation. What is this? The official plan to hang out with her special while the wives and gals goes on days of shopping spree during the Summit.

The politician is known as “King Nailer” in politico circles and quickly jumped on the trip after one of his gals pals suddenly passed away. She was a senior banker whose death remains a mystery not even BP could solve.

Now what is interesting is that no one said that the ‘Queen of Fashions’ [the official] would be on the trip especially seeing that the wife of the politician is also in Peru. But the official has found her way down to Lima for wining, dining and [yinner fininsh it], all at the taxpayers expense.

The 32 member team on a second leg of the trip is also is headed to London. That trip will cost taxpayers more the four hundred thousand dollars, almost half a million to fund. Didn’t Peter Tunquest tell Parliament that the cupboard was bare? Didn’t PM Minnis say he would stop these large delegation travels in a national address last year? What yinner think happened with that lie?

We report yinner decide!