A serious rodent problem surfaces inside the Office of the Prime Minister…THE RATS TAKING OVER!!!!

Big rats run with PM lunch in the OPM.

NASSAU| A major rat problem has now engulfed the Office of the Prime Minister inside the Sir Cecil Wallace Whitfield Complex in Cable Beach. 

Sources deep inside the building are concerned about leaving their lunch anywhere in the building. This week the rodents attacked a food display for guests visiting the PM’s Office. 

A source said, “It’s bad up here. The building is infested and no amount of cleaning, disinfecting or exterminating appears to help the situation. THIS IS A CRISIS!” 

Some have advised the need to move out of the building. We ga see how Minnis deals with this now that the rats have run off with his lunch. 

By the way, where is the Department of Environmental Health again? Ya think anyone in the OPM has contacted them yet?

We report yinner decide!