Calls for the dismissal of Lanisha Rolle!


Joint Statement by Picewell Forbes MP, Opposition spokesman for Culture and Sports and Senator Jobeth Coleby-Davis, Opposition spokesperson on Youth…

Cabinet Minister Lanisha Rolle – Minnis favourate Cabinet Minister.

7 November 2019

It is not enough for the Prime Minister to publicly reverse a decision made by his Cabinet colleague Lanisha Rolle on Junkanoo. Further, in publicly calling for Minister Rolle to reimburse the government over the National Youth Award medallion controversy, the Prime concedes that his Minister is guilty of abuse of power.

Additionally, there is a specific legal and regulatory regime governing the use of the country’s national symbols, therefore, personalizing the Coat of Arms requires official permission. If Minister Rolle failed to secure the requisite approval, she is in gross violation of the law. This is all the more reason for the Prime Minister to take further and decisive action.

It is clear to all and sundry that the Cabinet does not support and repudiates Minister Rolle’s policy decisions and ministerial conduct.

In the circumstances Westminster conventions require Minister Rolle to resign her post as Cabinet Minister or be dismissed by the Prime Minister.

In the past, Prime Minister Minnis hid behind Westminster Conventions in dealing with three other members of his Caucus who were subject to the whip of the executive. Lanisha Rolle is also subject to the executive and cannot make decisions and conduct her office in a manner that brings Cabinet into ill-repute.

In light of the foregoing, Minister Rolle must resign or be dismissed by the Prime Minister.