A shooting at night club at 3pm has a woman, the disc jockey and the gunman being shot



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file photo

Police are seeking the public’s help in locating the suspects responsible for two overnight shootings and an armed robbery that has left two men detained in hospital.

In the first incident, shortly after 10:00pm on Saturday 3rd September 2016, a man was involved in an argument with two men armed with handguns at a home located at Millers Heights off Carmichael Road, that led to him being shot. The suspects fled on foot after the incident. The victim was rushed to hospital where he is detained in stable condition.

Then a short while later, a man was at a home located at Jabal Drive off East Street South, when two men armed with handguns robbed him of a his cell phone before fleeing on foot.

In the third incident, shortly after 12:00midnight on Sunday 4th September 2016, three men believed to be Hispanic males were put out of a nightclub located on Woods Rodgers Wharf after creating a disturbance.

Shortly after 3:00am one of the men returned to the club armed with a handgun, where he got into an altercation with a man identified as the Disc Jockey, who attempted to disarm him. This led to Disc Jockey, the armed man and a woman at the club being shot. The armed suspect then fled the scene in a Nissan vehicle. Police later recovered a .40 handgun in the area, believed to be the weapon used in the shooting.

The man and woman were transported to hospital, where they are detained in stable condition

Shortly before 7:00am this morning, Police acting on intelligence, went to a home located at Mt. Pleasant Avenue, where they arrested the suspect who had been shot.

The suspect was transported to hospital, where he is detained in stable condition under heavy police guard.