A Vote for Johnson and Foulkes is a Vote for Hubert Minnis

Michael Foulkes, Hubert Minnis and Elsworth Johnson all in the same camp to keep control of the FNM.

NASSAU| The FNM convention will be held this week and the run up for chairman is heating up. 

Elsworth Johnson, Duane Sands and Michael Foulkes are vying for that position and say they are the best man to bring the party back to what it was after Minnis destroyed it over a four year period.

BP has been snooping around the FNM headquarters and what BP heard we couldn’t even drink the usual Kaliks to quench our thirst. We just wanted more  and more information on the subject talked about. 

The wicked and evil Hubert Minnis is at it again. Not only is he disrespecting the new leader by constantly speaking on behalf of the party, but he is also making it clear to party supporters that he will return to lead the party in a few years. 

FNM people! Listen up! BP dont want to get in yinna business, but we are telling you that information given to us is that Hubert Minnis has several horses in different races to make sure his people are well spread over the administration of the FNM after this convention. 

In particular, he has strategically put Michael Foulkes and Elsworth Johnson to run as party chairman with the hopes that one of them will win and he will have his political fingernails embedded in the party’s machinery leading up to the next convention when he makes his bid to come back as leader. WHAT IS DIS??!!

BP will tell FNMs this … Hubert Minnis ran The Bahamas into the ground! Hubert Minnis shorted yinna a whole EIGHT MONTHS in governance setting yinna on the unemployment line, save a few who he made millionaires like Yontalay Bowe who has over $4 million on her bank account but still raping the government’s kitty by working at Bahamas Information Services as a photographer. WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS!!??

So he has set his two mules, Elsworth Johnson and Michael Foulkes, to try to be chairman so that he can continue to pull strings behind the scenes. 

BP warns FNMs again  – Dont be stupid and vote for Johnson or Foulkes for chairman as that is a vote for Hubert Minnis. Would you want to put a man, or his agents, back in power who does not care about you?

BP ga drop this hot one on ya. Riddle us dis!! Which former PLP Cabinet Minister did Minnis get $100,000 from to enter the race for FNM leader in 2016?

We report! Yinna decide!