A white woman is found dead in FOX HILL (Bahamas), was she a Toruist?


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Nassau, Bahamas — A white woman was found dead in Fox Hill this weekend. She was clad in jeans and a top. She was wrapped in a sheet and placed in a plastic bag, according to police. They say no one has yet come to identify the woman. And no one knows how her body ended up alongside the road in Fox Hill.

Bahamas Press wonders if this woman is a tourist somehow abducted by some kidnappers and killed. We wonder if she was raped? And if so, who could have done it? Then there’s the question of Human Trafficking, could she be a victim of that exercise still practiced here in The Bahamas. Police are not saying anything to these questions and the Wutless Media is not asking.

We are concern here because of late several bodies have been discovered all long New Providence roadways and police keep saying foul play is not suspected. Only in countries like China people are found dead and the police keep saying it is natural causes. This is also the case in extremely impoverished countries, where one can be discovered hanging from a tree with their hands and feet tied and the police would say the individual committed suicide. Only in The Bahamas would a Commission of Police not know the difference between a death certificate and an autopsy report, or be confuse with the difference between murder and suicide.

News coming from the Hal Taylor murder trial tells us also how sloppy and careless police can be when they are investigating crimes like murder. After hearing testimony on yesterday, we must ask ourselves, with all these murders taking place in this small country; how in the world evidence from a crime scene ends up in the private locker of an officer. That evidence should’ve been in an investigative lab! But if you check closely, they might have also carried it home. Had dinner whilst it sat in the living room in a brown paper bag. Someone could’ve attempted to wipe the evidence off some of the material. This The Bahamas ya know not LAPD.

Readers of this blog and the country at large will soon learn what we have said from 2007, that an officer is also involved in the murder of Hal Taylor, and not this McNeil boy.


  1. Mashup, you are right…when a white foreigner get murdered round here, these negroes on the rbpf goes into overdrive.
    Also when a Haitian is found dead, must Bahamian acts as if there are no significances as well. “Oh that’s just a Haitian.” This is wrong.

  2. The Media is fixiated on Michael Jackson.. albeit it for another week.

    So this story wont even make the first 20 pages on the international press

    Timing is everything… and for now Bahamas will get a “free pass” on this incident

  3. Now Bahamas Press has done its job. We have now informed our international contacts on this latest incident. Watch how people in this country will now begin working to CLEAN UP This MESS in this country!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  4. @media

    now what i find real interesting is that when a white foreigner get murdered round here, these negroes on the rbpf goes into overdrive. but when the black brothers getting massacre, they don’t be checkin really.

  5. media :
    Well at least you’re their eye on here. Tell us, they start reporting “Truth” yet?

    i ain’t say all that. i just tellin you what i saw. just like altec tell you what he heard.

  6. Is the Bahamas China or Iran?Only in totalitarian countries are persons not connecrted to the rulers treated the way we have allowed this wuthless Govt. to treat trained Policemen.we have many trained investigators doing everything except that for which they were trained.I hang my head in shame whenever I see an obvious guilty person walk.All because we have put in positions in our law enforcement agencies inept and incompetent persons.Maybe thats why the COP has been accused by a judge of acting outside the law by attempting to coerce a witness to give false testimomny in a murder TRIAL.wE SEE NO RESIGNATION YET and now must demand it.That bullshit talk about appealing the Judges ruling is just that another attempt to quiet everyone.

  7. @mashup
    It was broadcast on the 1pm edition of love 97 news. thats where i heard it for the first time. Now if the Tribune had the same info, then so be it.

  8. @Altec
    Altec it looks like the police does not step up its game until we start asking some questions ech?

    Long before Michael Jackson died. Long before Anna Nicole Died. Bahamas Press wrote an article asking how did Anna Nicole son died in Doctor’s Hospital? In that article we questioned how did a young boy come to this country healthy and in hours was found dead in the Hospital Room. Murdered with a concoction of drugs in his system. WHO GAVE HIM IT? WHO PRESCRIBED IT? And why did the police, if they did know what to do, or have the skill to investigate such crimes, called for Scotland Yard? They never did. They allowed Howard Stern freedom to walk up and down in this country. And then the world knew Anna Nicole was dead. But this could have been stopped right here in Nassau, if these DUMB POLICE did their jobs. They didn’t! [BOI WE ARE ANGRY TODAY and we’re forwarding this story to TMZ.COM].

    See we have a problem with this WUTLESS GESTAPO Bahamian Police Force because only when investigations are “POLITICALLY DRIVEN” they all over the media with their WICKED PLOTTING! But when something that questions these institutions, Doctors, Lawyers or The Police themselves everything is silenced.

    Today we know, however, now we see that this FLORIDA WOMAN is dead, this will get the kind of investigation EVERY OTHER murdered victim in the Bahamas deserves.


    Bahamas Press/Editor

  9. now i know you say you don’t read the tribune, but they printed this from this morning.

  10. BP heard on the 1pm news (love 97) that the woman has been identified. Apparently she is from Florida and was staying in the bahamas with a Bahamian family. According to the report, a suspect has been identified and is not in the Bahamas. He father is to come to town to give DNA evidence.

    So it seems like her attacker is either a bahamian/American and fled to Florida. Lets see how long it takes the police to extradite him.

  11. BREAKING NEWS UPDATE!!!!!: Bahamas Press has done it again! Unconfirmed reports now coming to us tell us that the white woman discovered on a Fox Hill Road is indeed a FLORIDA NATIVE, who was said to be missing early this year. We are learning that police will address this latest murder is a special press conference late this evening.


    Bahamas Press/Editor

  12. This White lady deserved to be alive today. Some said she was a “crack head,” however that was on reason to kill her. Some say this lady was on the streets for a few years. AND SO?.
    We in the Bahamas are so caught up in our tourism image the Police and ZNS did not want to tell the public it was a white woman that was found. The truth will come out anyway.

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