A woman could pickup the South Abaco seat as the PLP is set to ratify a candidate for the constituency…


Another former FNM General, Tom Hield, has left the Party…

Eva Bain and crew of supporters on the ground in Moore's Islands.
Eva Bain and crew of supporters on the ground in Moore’s Islands.

Ms. Eva BainSouth Abaco, Bahamas – Strong support is right now building in the Southern Community of Abaco for a new candidate by the name of Eva Bain.

BP is right now on the ground in that part of he country and we like what we see.

Bain is the PLP’s potential candidate for the South Abaco seat now held by Edison Key. Bain is shown here canvassing the community of Moores Island, a predominately PLP hard rock community.

Bain is loved by the Party Leadership [CDR] and from our polling data on the ground could win the seat when the General Elections are called.

Meanwhile, the hemorrhaging deep inside the FNM where several candidates have already dropped out of the race and the organization’s finance committee resigned, we learned today that a former FNM general, Tom Hield, will join the PLP if Eva Bain picks up the nomination for Central/South Abaco seat.

From the looks of things – We at BP believe BAIN HAS IT!

Reporting live on the campaign trail in Abaco – BP IS LIVE!


  1. Just for fun, let me say that I was on Moore’s Island today with Tom Hield. He laughed at this article and is still a staunch FNM!

  2. Don’t be jokey. Trying to get an idea how South Abaco will vote from a visit to Moore’s Island is like taking a poll on the Eastern Road and saying that’s how Nassau will vote. I’m sure Ms. Bain is a very nice lady with good intentions. I’m also sure that she will not be the next MP for South Abaco.

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