A woman is the country’s 56th homicide victim found dead in bushes off Cowpen Road…


A woman has been found dead near Cowpen and Spikenard Roads west, becoming the country’s 56th homicide victim.

Scene this evening at the country’s 56th honicide victim where a female has been found in bushes just off Cowpen and Spikenard Roads shot dead….

Nassau – Cowpen Road west of Spikenard Road is now the scene of a homicide after a female with gunshot wounds was found dead in the area.

Now you would remember, we at BP last evening reported how a woman and a man were shot in a vehicle.

Police had reported how, shortly before 10:00pm Saturday evening, a female and two males were sitting in a vehicle outside a home on Peach Street, Pastel Gardens, when the male, who was sitting in the rear seat, produced a firearm and shot the female and male.

The male victim was able to escape from the vehicle and ran to a house for assistance. The suspect drove off in the vehicle, a brown Nissan Cube license # AM9396 along with the female who was believed to be injured.

The injured male was taken to hospital and is listed in serious but stable condition.

We still do not know if the pair was kidnapped, robbed or if they were in the vehicle with the shooter as associates. The female never showed up to hospital nor was she found last night.

Police now believe the woman found is the female shot who is now recorded as the country’s 56th homicide victim.

We report yinner decide!