A young man breaks down and cries telling the nation to look out for the precious pearls –


Healthcare system is on the blink of collapse – while Minnis Government charges VAT on COVID19 tests…

NASSAU| The Good Samritian takes 79 year old precious pearl to the mall and breaks down in tears, warning the nation how we must treat the elderly better!

PM “the heartless wonder” Minnis had shut down the bus systems for months leaving the elderly shut up in homes under house arrest for days. Some are believed to have died after being unable to get much needed medical assistance and food since March 24th.

One woman told BP how her mother died at home after being turned away at the disastrous COVID19 exposed PMH. 

Another young woman waited two long hours during the first lockdowns in April before help could came to remove her dead mother corpse from the home in Coral Harbour.

Minnis’ wutless management of the COVID19 pandemic has been heartless, to say the least. and guess what come October the healthcare system is about to collapse as another wave of covid19 cases is about to sweep the country.

Prime MINISTER Hon. Hubert Minnis along with the medical cartel in the bahamas have agreed to charge VAT on COVID tests!

The lockdowns have been a disaster for the economy and a recipe for death and longterm sickness for hundreds under Minnis Rule.

We report yinner decide!