A youth pastor now charged with allegedly stealing almost half a million out of the Ministry of Finance?


Johnson is alleged to have manipulated the system in Finance wiring some $445,966.42 to through a company. We again await the persons who moved funds at BPL!

James Johnson charged with theft of almost a half a million from Finance. GOD SAVE DA QUEEN!

Nassau, Bahamas – A police officer escorted Ministry of Finance employee, James Johnson, to a magistrate’s court today where he was charged with 11 counts of falsification of accounts, 10 counts of stealing by reason of employment and one count of attempted stealing by reason of employment.

Johnson, 27, is accused of stealing $445,966.42 from the Ministry of Finance between December 2016 and April 2017.

Johnson is further accused of attempting to steal $41,115 of the government’s money during the same period.

It is alleged that others were involved in the crimes, however Johnson was charged alone.
He pleaded not guilty to all charges.

BP awaits the charge of the senior persons deep in the accounts department at BPL where the workers stole more than $7 million. No arrests on dem!

We report yinner decide!