Three homicides in 13 hours as bloody terror hit the capital! Murder #89 occurred tonight in Kemp Road!


Williams Lane homicide victim is youngest brother of ‘Lil Bow’… he becomes the second of Bow’s brothers to die!

Brother of ‘Lil Bow’ is country’s latest homicide victim tonight…

Nassau, Bahamas – Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a man who was shot in an area off Kemp Road shortly after 9:00pm tonight.

BP is reporting the victim, who is being reported as the youngest brother of ‘Lil Bow’, was riding his bicycle in the area of Uriah McPhee Primary School in the Kemp Road area when a vehicle pulled up alongside him and open fired.

The victim was hit with multiple rounds from an AK47 war built weapon – shipped into the Bahamas creating this war of terror on our streets.

The young victim was transported to hospital where he later succumbed.

Earlier this morning police were on the scene of two separate homicide-shooting deaths.

In the first incident a man was found shot to death on Step Street while another on Hospital Lane.

BP has not identified any of the men in those earlier killing incidents.

We report yinner decide!