ABM Bandit strikes again with another $9,440 out of a Scotiabank machine at the SuperClubs Breezes!


You must wonder if the ABM Bandit committed this latest crime with a tracking device on…

Travis Seymour

NASSAU| A famous ABM thief known to police was this week before the magistrate courts once again after he was accused of stealing some $9,440 last month at the Scotiabank ABM located inside the SuperClubs Breezes hotel in Cable Beach on July 28th and 30th in all this pandemic.

Travis Seymour admitted guilt to stealing some $4,040 and $5,400 over the two days as he stood before Magistrate Samuel McKinney on Wednesday.

Now Magistrate McKinney slapped the ABM bandit with a fine of $1,000 and ordered him to repay the stolen money by October 1st.

Now what is most interesting is the fact that, while he is allowed to walk after accepting guilt for raiding the ABM machine (TWICE), this same ABM Bandit Seymour, over a four month period between October 2019 and January 2020, stands accused of going on an ABM raiding spree, and was charged for stealing more than $300,000 from banks! Who could this ABM Bandit be working for?

At his last appearance before Deputy Chief Magistrate Andrew Forbes back in late January, the Baillou Hill Road resident, who then was a technician, was accused of stealing $233,130 from various FCIB satellite ABMs between October 22, 2019 and January 21, 2020.

Prosecutors allege that Seymour worked with 31-year-old Samantha Gilbert, an ATM supervisor at FCIB, when they both stole $62,790 on January 24.

There were additional charges attached to the claims and the case was to be heard on May 5th this year, however, the matter is still pending before a CM Forbes.

The ABM Bandit, as you should know, now operates a Travel Company. Well, what is this? You must wonder if the ABM Bandit committed this latest crime with a tracking device on? And if he was not fitted with one why not after posting bail back in January?

Sometimes you just gata wonder: who grew up these people and how they got so dark inside? Anyway, we gata pray for Seymour as you know he is back on the streets and could be at an ABM near you!

This country is not being managed! Yinner can’t see that!?

We report yinner decide!