Accident at the foot of Paradise…

Accident at the foot of Paradise…This was a police store at the foot of the bridge around 8AM this morning.

Nassau, Bahamas
— A police officer was in the wrong this morning as his patrol car slammed into a jeep as he exited the Paradise Island Bridge around 8am this morning.

Early market buyers witnessed the write off as the office disobeyed the traffic stop and proceed to run the light.

The incident resulted a complete write off of the government vehicle at the front end, with the second vehicle being thrown off the road.

Eyewitnesses believe the officer was sleeping behind the wheel after a long night-shift.


  1. it is a sign of no respect for law and order by the citizens which includes the police. this one got caught but drive the streets every day and there is no time you do not see people inclusive of the POLICE breaking the law. How do we expect law and order to take charge if those in charge of enforcing it do not think they should live by it. I hope both drivers are okay

  2. As small as this incident may seem compared to the serious crimes committed all over the Bahamas it should still be followed closely.

    A few years ago a police officer reversed onto a main road and collided with my car. The corrupt officer’s friends who did the investigation took so long to complete thier investigation that by the time the matter reached before the court, Inspector Bradley Sands, the prosecutor, told me that the case was statue-barred from being heard by a magistrate because of the time it took the Police to complete thier investigation!!!

    So the driver of the jeep needs to proceed with extreme caution. I don’t want the individual to experience the injustice I did.

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