Accused told court potential prosecution witness was the mastermind of the robbery of his uncle’s property!


Question: WHERE IS JJ these days?

Magistrate Court

NASSAU| A magistrate told a thief to pay $3,800 of money he stole from a friend’s uncle or face jail. “You knew what you were doing was wrong. You’re an adult and responsible for your own actions. You could have walked away.”

Now 20-year-old robber Brandon Neymour of Garden Hills, with the advice and instruction of his friend, who is recorded as a prosecution witness [JJ], broke into the home of JJ’s uncle and stole $7,800.

Apparently JJ advised Neymour that his uncle had stashed some $7,800 inside the house and he had the keys to carry out the crime.

Telling the court how the drama unfolded, Neymour said his friend JJ [the victim’s nephew] had owed some people in Kemp Road payment for drugs and, after setting up the plot on his own family, they would have split the funds.

In his confession, Neymour then said JJ gave him the keys to the home. Police recorded that between March 31 and April 1st [April FOOL DAY] the accused broke into the home of the uncle in Foxdale. The pair then shared the funds.

But, after the incident, the mastermind, JJ, reported the crime to police and led them on a wild goose chase looking for the suspect. Well, good policing delivered officers to the steps of Neymour. Officers told the court JJ said the funds were in his care and he denied being a party to any of what the court was told. Nor did he give anyone permission to remove it.


Anyway, Neymour was ordered to pay the funds back or spend 18 months in jail.

We report yinner decide!