Man walking up and down in the road on Bimini during the lockdown caught with drugs!

Alice Town Bimini

NASSAU| The lockdowns are taking a toll on the natives and, since the lockdowns and curfews have been implemented, scores have been hauled before the court.

On Bimini, though, a man was found walking on Kings Highway around 9 am Thursday after the complete lockdown on the island had commenced. The suspect gave police a short chase, but they later discovered he was in possession of dangerous drugs. He will be processed before the courts this week.

Meanwhile, police broke up a party and arrested some six persons at Ideal Estates on May 18th. Marcian Mackey, Ken Evans, Erika Gibson, Gennera Miller, Kendra Davis, and Roosevelt McKenzie were all brought before the court on Friday for breaking the curfew rules.

They all pleaded NOT GUILTY and will return for a trial on September 3rd.

A man on bail for murder Elvardo Deveaux appeared before the magistrate on Friday after police charged that the man on bail for murder had breached his conditions on May 14th and 19th according to data from his tracking/monitoring device. Deveaux denied the charges and his bail was set at $2,500 where he will return to court on Sept. 3rd.

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