ACPs Ashton Greenslade or Loretta Mackey set to replace DCP Ismella Davis-Delancy as Deputy Commissioner on RBPF!


PM rewards senior cop on early retirement with two-plus years pay and a new job at National Security as Coordinator of Neighbourhood Watch division … Some people just keeps sucking on the dry nipple of the PUBLIC PURSE!

DCP Ismella Davis-Delancy, ACP Loretta Mackey and ACP Ashton Greenslade.

NASSAU| Officers of the Royal Bahamas Police Force will get a new Deputy Commissioner of Police following the Early Retirement of Deputy Commissioner of Police Mrs Ismella Davis-Delancy.

Now get this, Davis-Delancy was not due to retire until 2023, which means the Government has agreed to pay the senior officer her two and a-half year early retirement pay plus gratuity.

The senior police woman will take home more than a quarter-million-dollars when senior colleagues on the force were ordered to take their leave because the government was not paying vacation times.

Bahamas Press is learning Davis-Delancy has already signed her contract for her new job as Coordinator of the Neighbourhood Watch in the Ministry of National Security. She will be paid a handsome salary and while on the job she will be furnished with a government issued vehicle along with perks. She is being handsomely rewarded by the Minnis Government for her service to the Minnis Administration.

The next appointee to be invited to Government House to replace Davis-Delancey is still up in the air. Two candidates are being advanced to Cabinet. 

BP is learning Assistant Commissioner of Police Ashton Greenslade, the brother of former DECENT Commissioner of Police Ellison Greenslade, is the most senior for the job.

However, BP is learning ACP Loretta Mackey has moved into Nassau and is the Cabinet’s choice for the job as she is a woman who exercises a great deal of professionalism and skill in the management of the Force. She is the future.

Anyway, Davis-Delancy leaves the force at the end of the month.

We report yinner decide!