DPP in chaos as mass exodus of prosecutors continues


Foreigners chosen over Bahamians at AG OFFICE – Bahamians are leaving!

Garvin Gaskin
Carl Bethel AG

NASSAU| Prosecutors continue to quit under the leadership of Director of Public Prosecution Garvin Gaskins.

His office is set to lose three prosecutors this month due to appointments to the bench.

Deputy Director of Public Prosecution Neil Brathwaite will be sworn in as a judge on June 14 and Chief Counsels Algernon Allen Jr and Kendra Kelly will become magistrates on the same date.

The latest departures of senior prosecutors have raised serious questions about the Office’s ability to function effectively due to a manpower shortage.

In the past two years, at least 20 lawyers have either quit the Prosecutions Department completely or requested transfers to the civil section at the Office of the Attorney General.

Morale at the office hit an all-time low after the “people’s time government” hired two Africans in 2019, who are unable to practice, in top positions over qualified Bahamians.

Nigerian Nikiturka Jones-Nebo and Ugandan David Bakibinga were appointed as Deputy Director and Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions.

However, they cannot appear in court as the Bar Council has refused to admit them after rejecting their qualifications.

The foreign lawyers have been signing off on files and giving police advice, although they have no clue how our legal system functions.

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