Adderley is UNFIT TO SERVE! NIB owed thousands by Judge wannabe


Malcolm<<< Malcolm Adderley in the Parliament on Wednesday as  he resigned his seat. Photo by Bahamas Press

Nassau, Bahamas — Think for a moment; image a red septic truck park in the driveway of a SELFISH man named Malcolm Adderley and imagine that truck filled with bile juice, raw sewerage, driven by Hubert Ingraham. Leaking from the truck are the drips of stewed rank piss. COLD urine! Cold and iced feces dripping from the septic tank’s tap. That tank in our minds is likened to National Insurance and imagine these words coming from the driver [MUGABE], “Malcolm’s hop on the back and I’ll drive you to the Supreme Court.”

Such is the thought in our heads today as Bahamas Press uncovers the stench now coming from the FNM and their new-found friend Malcolm SELFISHAdderley.

Adderley the world over knows now has resigned from the House of Assembly on the conditions that he saw no longer a friend in his former leader Perry Christie. Now we take issue with this because NO ONE ON THIS GREEN EARTH STOOD UP FOR THAT TURNCOAT Adderley more than Christie! Again, a knife of criticisms and blunt rebuke came from this blog for the PLP holding on to Malcolm.come-ingraham

Christie went out of his way to defend his BIG TENT POLICY to welcome persons of Adderley’s ilks. No, we did not like this one bit. We were ready to swing the ax of our pen at Christie but when we heard those words Wednesday, we had no choice but to lay our ax at the tree. How could that TURNCOAT Adderley utter such ungrateful words? HOW? Adderley was so bold and braggadocios with his new affection to the sewerage driver Ingraham that he thanked only him for allowing his stay at the Gaming Board. Adderley never greeted Christie in the same. Remember now, Christie was the first to appoint Adderley to the position. Boy Malcolm, you’re SELFISH BAD!

Bahamas Press now agrees the time has come to unveil the newfound sewerage rider, Malcolm Adderley, and expose this new love affair he has with the Minister of National Insurance and Prime Minister of the Bahamas.

BP will now declare and confirm, Adderley is unfit to sit as a judge of the Supreme Court, and on this charge we shall list.

christie.jpgWe scaled the walls of NIB once again to see what Ingraham was loading on his red sewerage truck. With files sitting on the desk of Algernon Cargill, we discovered a folder marked CONFIDENTIAL with bold red letters typed with the nameMalcolm Adderley and here’s what we uncovered on pages inside.

We discovered not one, not two but three written comments advising the legal department to take Adderley to court for his nonpayment of his debts with NIB. The notes further advice how the MP for Elizabeth had refused to pay NATIONAL INSURANCE CONTRIBUTIONS SINCE 1996.

We further turned the pages of the documents and the revelations are SHOCKING! Adderley owes NIB over. $25,000. How could this be?

How is it, Wendall Jones, Galen Saunders, Porkey Dorsett, and others could be dragged before the courts by Ingraham and Cargill, but the sitting MP fails to reach the steps of the courts and answer his failures to pay NIB? We smell the sewerage truck.

  • How is it Hubert Ingraham prevented NIB from dragging Malcolm Adderley before the courts, but did the opposite to others?
  • What instructions were given to hide this from members of the WUTLESS MEDIA?
  • How could Hubert sell to the Judicial and Legal Services Commission such error by a desperate judge wannabe when such SCANDAL hovers over his head?

You should know, the Commission is duty bound to probe such matters before appointing anyone to the Bench. We shall wait to see what they will do, for as you know BP has papers to back its claims.

In his closing farewell speech to the Parliament on Wednesday Malcolm said, “A new day is dawning for the wonderful people of The Bahamas, one in which the guideline is integrity and honesty. I pray that God will give me the strength and wisdom to continue to serve the people of the Bahamas in any other capacity with integrity and character as I have tried to serve the people Elizabeth in the past seven years.”

Adderley is UNFIT TO SERVE! We smell the RED sewerage truck riding down Bank Lane and we see Malcolm on the back, full a youknowwhat.

The Malcolm Adderley probe continues tomorrow.


  1. Ok lol first im X Y and Z; saying that you know me bla bla bla. Then your saying im ANTI- PLP and I’m a big time FNM. Now your saying I have beef with Perry?. Ok this just PROVE MY POINT about you. If you enn agreeing with you your this or that. Thats what does get me HEATED when talking to you and I JUSt PRAY that there arent much people like you in this BAHAMAS. Bahamians needs to stop being so close minded but to WORK TOGETHER as ONE. AND RUSSELL JOHNSON YOU ARE BEYOND DIFFICULT TO TALK TO AND IT MAKES ME SICK. YOU WANT TALK ABOUT CRIME BUT IN REALITY STOP BEINGS SO STUPID and blaming Hubert. No man is an ISLAND.And he addressed crime couple days ago but I guess your brain was constipated. YOU WANT COMPARE AND CONTRAST?…… PLEASE tell me why there are so many scandals coming out of Perry CAMP?….. Why people STOP REVIEW and CANCELING HIM and his party?

    • It is so easy to get you to revert to your ridiculous posture as you have not answered my last posting but gone into your FNM diatribe.I only run ladies out so get stupidness out of your mind.I shall now continue my 2009 position with you in calling you what you are,” an asshole”.PAPA did not speak on CRIME nor did he pass any legislation to counter the trickery of Defence Attorneys.My friend its majority rule day so you can speak your mind now and not hide.If you believe the policies of this Govt are beneficial to the Bahamian people then vote for them again.If you believe that they are carrying the country straight to hell then vote against them.If your redness disallows you seeing straight then go to church and request a purging.


    • what does it matter to you since you are not going to vote PLP as you think its supporters are stupid?You dont call the shots here as all you do is complain and try to tell others what to do.No way hosey you will not tell the PLP who to nominate for Elizabeth.Using your quote I say as you correctly stated,  “ANYWAYS SERIOUS TIMES CALLED FOR TESTED LEADERSHIP”,and thats where PC comes in.The proof is in the pudding.

      • RUSELL YOUR a COMPLETE UTTER FOOL. STUPID…. and SIMPLE WITH IT lol. But seriously though your not getting what i does be sayin even if i break it down. For the last LAST LAST TIME…… It is possible for me to vote PLP. BUt in order for them to have me as a fixed supporter they must change their leader and secondly give me someone like RYAN PINDER who could work and make me happy in LIZZY. SECONDLY….. NOW everybody should no I dont support PERRY CHRISTIE however it is still possible that I would vote plp if they give me BETTER REASONS to vote for the candidate in the bi-elections.  NOW RUSSEL YOU QUICK TO CODEMN ME when you dont even KNOW ME how fair is that. YOU ALWAYS ON THIS SITE promoting PERRY CHRISTIE when he enn even promoting himself and MAJORITY agree that he needs to wake up and smell the BUSH. Bradley Roberts acting like LEADER of the party while Perry QUIET. YOU NEEDS TO GO ASK HIM WHY IN THE HELL HE PUT MALCOLM ADDERLEY TO RUN IN DIS AREA in 07 when EVERYBODY COMPLAINED TO HIM. THATS ENN TESTED LEADERSHIP during serious TIMES.

        • You dont know Christie and have hate for him so whats the beef?Anyway since you are a potential target for tjhe PLP I will take you at your word and give you Ryuan Pinder.Now get on the ground and campaign against the ARMADA on behalf of Elizabeth.We all know how that story panned out.Be on the right side of history and vote for the PLP candidate.Mashup bullyboy PAPA who has yet to properly address CRIME but now wants more political power.Lets beat the ARMADA like Elizabeth did in the 17 th century and save the Bahamas from the despot.

  3. most politicians owe money around this town – what’s new? we know these things and still vote them in without a problem.  as far this thing about malcolm running, PC can ran Keod and Kenyatta right…the two fighters…where is the leaders judgement?  where is his decision making ability?  lord bull should have known about this debt to NIB, pretty sure it did  not grow to $25K one year. look, we like slackness and at the end of the day, nothing will come out of this.  betcha bottom dollar though, voters will turn out in full force to vote 4 candidates they know nothing about…let the liquor flow and turn the music up loud and send in the half naked t-shirt wearing jungalist gals and we ready to vote 4 u!!!!!let the festivities (campaign) begin!!!!!!  

  4. I have a few questions.

    How can you TRUST someone like Adderley who ask to represent not just the people of Elizabeth but also a political party that he says has a leader who is VISiONLESS???

    Was Adderley not a traitor to run for the party and IMMEDIATELY after the election, he convened a meeting to determine his  political future (his words)???

    Will you go into enemy territory with someone like Adderley watching your back??

    Didn’t Adderley use the PLP machinery to gain political office??

    Are we sure that Adderley is going to the bench when the CJ has said that there will be NO position available or any vacancy????

  5. @ Russell JohnsonI’ve stated on many occasions that I was blessed with a very easy decision in 2007 because I dont support Perry Christie and I no longer supported my MP which was Malcolm. Making My decision to vote FNM very very easy. Secondly, your statements of classifying me as a FNM etc. whereas in 2002. I did my community work at MR. Adderley’s headquarters and helped with his campaign when I supported him in 02 AND the PLP.  Thirdly your quick to condemn/disfranchise person who DO NOT LIKE PERRY CHRISTIE’s LEADERSHIP style and quick to call them FNM when you dont know the real facts. But lets put aside our differences….  A Bulk of PEOPLE do NOT want someone like Perry Christie Running this country. IN OTHER WORDS. MAJORITY of Bahamians(plp’s, fnm’s, Independents)  ARE NOT GOING TO SUPPORT THE PLP solely because of its leader.  EXAMPLE: Malcolm Adderley shouldve not represent ELIZABETH based upon his REPUTATION and for not doing nothing in 2002 to 2007.  ELMA CAMPBELL shouldve won no doudt about it but what goes around comes around to the ignorant persons who voted PLP just because of its NAME and to the Johny come lately leader who doesn’t care about the people in this constituency.

    • Baghamasyouth says :”ignorant persons who voted PLP just because of its NAME “.Firstly you are showing your contempt and intolerance for persons who have a different poltical view than yourself.You need to apologise to them but dont worry I will ensure that they know how the so called elite think about them.Keep sending ammunition as I was about to run out until I remembered you always have an abundance.Now that you are through complaining please comment on your former representative and the posted story.

      • Russell are you DUMB, STUPID or RETARDED? ……  “ignorant persons who voted PLP just because of its NAME ” Let me bring it down much LOW for you. I said that statement is because there were IN FACT a sizable amount of persons in the ELIZABETH constituency who voted Malcom in based upon THE PARTY. Secondly, Im not going to lie at all but unfortunately there are persons who vote for a particular party (MAINLY PLP) who would careless if its a dog, rat etc. in charge they would refuse to vote for the other party (mainly FNM) no matter what. NOW PERSONALLY I VIEW YOU IN THAT WAY and thats why I call people like yourself IGNORANT.  You want talk about COMPLAINING oH no body I still remember why I VOTED FOR THE FREE NATIONAL MOVEMENT…. I leave the complaining up to perry and co. ANYWAYS SERIOUS TIMES CALLED FOR TESTED LEADERSHIP. 

  6. Is it me or has malcolm not stated his reason for the resignation he says he did not have the support of the leader but only the leader supported his nomination. he said that the leader of his party (plp was visionless then what alternative did he put forward very strange ????????????? can anyone answer sound like double talk or somone lieing

  7. Russell you must be stupid or just full of the plp leftovers.  YOUR NOT GETTING IT AS USUAL. As a proud member of the Elizabeth Constituency, the people were NOT happy in 2007. WHY? because YOUR LEADER PERRY GLADSETONE CHRISTIE went behind majority back and wanted Malcom Adderley to stay.  Perry being late as usual ignored us and let him stay and when Malcom won by 40 votes in a PLP area…. then hey we got FED UP. Now Malcom kicked your stupid leader in the back THATS GOOD. THATS FABULOUS. ITS ABOUT TIME.  Also…… If you really so narrow minded I do have to agree with Mr. Adderley he received alot of BS from members in the PLP. Perry always making mistakes….he trusts everybody who give him teeth including Hubert Ingraham and look where dat has him IN OPPOSITION.

    • As usual you did not digest what I said but instead have plagiarised my input.You double talk as in other pasts you haver stated that you did not support the PLP in 2007 and it was not because of Malcolm so stop being ingenuous.

  8. Are there two Christies?Malcolm tried to chastise the one person in the PLP who tried to look out for him and should be ashamed of himself.I was calling for the beheading of Adderley even b4 the 2007 Gen Elects as i know he was a wutless representative.I have a big question for to whether he voted for the PLP representative in 2007.PAPA had him listed as an FNM supporter for the 2007 Gen Elects and this caused him to retain his job at the gaming board.Malcolms speech answered many of the questions that i anticipated,that had the Election Court ruled in favour of the PLP the cuthroat was going to cross the floor.The miscreant claims that as early as 2007 he was planning on leaving the PLP but he still begged for the PLP nomination of the PLP in 2007.Good riddance Malcolm as you have taught Christie a valuable lesson,”take no one at face value”.

  9. It was clear from this resignition begin to unfold by the bald plated, power hungry, insolvent gold digger that he was in money trouble and opted to assert the Kenyatta Gibson module of betray/run/ kiss Ingraham booty.

    He should be measured with the same yard stick as Jones and the others. It is good to know see that BP has NIB back on its Radar…

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