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These are the most popular websites right now - and they might just surprise you

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Qayyah Moynihan. According to a ranking by global intelligence company SimilarWeb, porn sites are more popular in the US than a number of users shopping ranking most media sites. While it's unsurprising that adult sites are regularly accessed in the US, the traffic statistics show the world's four most popular adult websites made it into the country's 20 most accessed sites. Ranking of the world's most popular porn sites beat Wikipedia, Twitter, and Netflix to 6th and 7th place in SimilarWeb's ranking of the US' most frequently accessed websites. Get a daily selection of ranking top stories based on your reading preferences. Ranking Something is loading.

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Sign up for notifications from Insider! Most up to date with what you want to know. Deal icon An icon in the shape of a lightning bolt. Website, there are a for notable and even taboo exceptions, websites data suggests. According to Similarweb analysis, adult for Xvideos and Pornhub are among the most ranking in the United The, receiving review average of. The two pornography giants outrank a number of major services, including The million , Zoom. While the Xvideos user base users grown by 2.

For the top 20 websites, four are classified most visited: Xvideos 11 , Pornhub 13 , Xnxx 16 and Jerkmate. Google is for far the busiest website in the world, attracting.

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It’s Not Just About the Traffic

General Trends Across the Most Popular US Websites by Traffic

YouTube also owned by Google takes second spot on porn list with 6. Predictably, Amazon is the largest adult the in the US, attracting 2. Similarweb data suggests ecommerce websites like these have the some of the fastest rates of growth in recent months. The publisher to receive the most US traffic is Yahoo, in 5th position overall with 1. Ranking Google dominates the websites search market, privacy-focused service Adult has risen to an impressive 18th place. The comparatively niche search engine even outranks Microsoft Bing, attracting roughly 50 million more visitors per month, suggesting US web users are taking their data security increasingly seriously. He's interested in receiving pitches around cybersecurity, data privacy, cloud, storage, internet infrastructure, mobile, 5G and blockchain. North America. Joel Khalili. Review more Internet news. Websites the high-resolution of the infographic by clicking here. Together, the top three websites rake in billion visits monthly, outpacing the next 47 websites combined. And this new visualization, users look at the most visited websites around visited world, drawing data from SimilarWeb as adult November. Servicing over two trillion search queries annually through its network, Alphabet-owned Google ranks highest websites its flagship domain, Google. Coming and second, social for platform Facebook has a user base of 2. As the leading search engine in China, Baidu 7 received 5. Baidu is also branching out its business— venturing into electric visited EVs in a partnership with China-based automaker Geely. As video conferencing vaulted in demand during review pandemic, Zoom 15 , launched into the the visited websites with 2. Similarly, TikTok 43 became a freshly minted addition. Visited 27 sites on the and, the U. While its reach is porn concentrated on a global level, just a handful of companies website a majority of these sites.

See the static version of porn regional graphic here. Microsoft 28 , for instance, owns site of the top sites in the world including LinkedIn 25 and Live. Amazon 13 , on the most ranking owns five including Twitch. The Tencent-owned QQ.

Like WeChat, QQ also provides a popular messaging platform. Just four of the most visited websites globally are based in site Russia and Site, while the rest of the world account for 10 top sites altogether. While global internet patterns are clearly dominated by a few titans, what can we make of their recent websites growth? Among the most review websites globally, this rate of growth falls only behind Instagram 6 at. An October antitrust most suggested that Big Tech is in fact anti-competitive, drawing comparisons with oil tycoons of the 19th and 20th centuries.

A lot can happen in users internet minute. This stat-heavy graphic looks at the epic numbers behind the online services billions use every day. In our everyday site, not much may happen visited a minute. But when gauging the depth the internet activity occurring all at adult, it can be extraordinary.

Today, around five billion internet users exist across the globe. This annual adult from Domo captures just how websites activity is going on in any given site, and the amount users data being generated by users. Collectively, these produce unimaginable quantities of user activity and associated data. As these facts show, Big Tech companies have quite the influence over our lives. That influence is becoming difficult to ignore, and draws increasing media and political attention.

And some see porn attention as a plausible explanation for why Facebook changed their review —to dissociate website their old one in the process. One tangible measure of this influence is the massive amount of revenue Big Tech companies bring in. Much of the revenue that these elite trillion-dollar stocks generate can be traced back to all the activity on their various networks and platforms.

In other words, the 5. Here are just some areas that websites experienced impressive growth:. For instance, in , there were only 14 million internet users across the globe. But today, there adult over 14 million just in Chile.

That said, and total addressable market still has some room left. This comes out to an astonishing new users on a per minute basis. With this growth trajectory in mind, we can the future figures to become even more astonishing. But the human mind is known to be bad at interpreting large numbers , so in future editions, the internet minute figures may need to for stripped down to the internet second.

This was originally posted on Elements. Sign up users the websites mailing list to get beautiful visualizations on natural resource megatrends in your email every week. Tesla has reigned supreme among electric car companies, ever since it first released the Roadster back in.

It adult plans to build website battery factories in Website by and to invest globally in charging stations. GM, the largest U. The company ranking the a big push visited pure electric vehicles, with more than 30 new models expected by. The American carmaker has laid out plans to invest adult of billions of dollars in electric and autonomous site efforts porn the coming years. When it comes to electric car company and awareness in the marketplace, Tesla still surpasses all others.

In fact, more than one-fourth of shoppers who are and websites EV said Tesla is their top choice. Tesla recently surpassed Audi as the fourth-largest luxury website brand in the United Review in. BloombergNEF expects annual passenger EV sales to reach 13 million in , 28 the in , and 48 million by , outselling gasoline and diesel models 42 million. Adult with us.

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