Lazy police watched his wife get robbed in the Grove!

file photo

NASSAU| A lazy overweight police reserve watch his wife get robbed at the couple’s home in the Grove over the weekend.

The lazy officer took to social media platform whatsapp to tell the world how his wife got robbed and how citizens should be careful. What he failed to tell citizens is that he was a police reserves officer.

The lazy police didn’t even call 919 to quickly defuse the situation. The officer who is out a shape could not even run down the robbers. He might could have told the thieves to “take the car” as he watched the scene.

Some a these rusty lazy unhealthy police officers needs to go home and stop wasting tax dollars. The lazy officer is also employed at a major government corporation.

Imagine that you is a police and watch ya wife getting rob as you sit on a recliner watching the scene? My goodness!

We report yinner decide!