After $40 million paid for repairs at the Rand Hospital the roof and floor – flood again! WHAT DID THE MINNIS GOVERNMENT DO WITH ALL THAT MONEY?!


NASSAU| After 40 Million Dollars was spent by the Minnis Government on upgrades at the Rand Memorial Hospital, health officials got the shock of their lives over the weekend as rain flooded the facility and damaged equipment.

BP is learning the shocking news from a staffer at the hospital who told us, “The place is now in a mess and the shoddy work proves that less than half of the money spent was put into upgrading the facility.

“The mammogram room flooded also – and the new machine was compromised. Water came into the facility from the roof, the windows and – get this, BP – up from the floor!!  We had to pull the plug out the machine before the place caught fire with all that rain.  This tells us the last group of contractors spent only a small portion of all that $40 million. The roof is still leaking! HOW?!”

Bahamas Press is seriously questioning the shoddy work on Grand Bahama by the ousted Minnis Government.

The mess left behind now becomes another new task for the Davis Government to properly upgrade and build a new hospital for the people of Grand Bahama, a task the former doctor who headed the country was unable to do. 

We await more on this in the budget debate as Health Minister Michael Darville is scheduled to speak in Parliament this week.

We report yinner decide!