After suggesting he will build a Hospital Tower on Grand Bahama and New Providence – Minnis told the press last night the construction of a New Hospital is impossible!


NASSAU| Former Prime Minister Hubert Minnis announced last night that he will not offer himself for the position of Leader of the Party when elections take place at a convention in November.

The news comes as the FNM Council gathered in a meeting at the Trinity Activity Centre on the way forward. 

Minnis told the press his government did an excellent job as they fell in defeat to the PLP last week Thursday. 

FNMs also called for the resignation of disgraced scandalous WSC Chairman Adrian Gibson who has yet to explain how his fiancee Alexandria Mackey was paid half a million dollars by WSC through her company called Elite Maintenance.  Gibson left the meeting refusing to have any conversations with the press.

But the joke of the night was PM Minnis, claiming that the country could not afford to build a new hospital. 

Minnis promised all along on the campaign trail that his government was going to build a new hospital on Grand Bahama and New Providence if elected. But now it’s impossible? WELL, WHAT IS THIS?!  Hide quoted text

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